Letters to the Editor - December 10, 2018

  • Written by Readers

I would like to thank Donna DeYoung and Bob Parks for lighting the magnificent sequoia in downtown Woodinville this holiday season. If you haven’t seen it, the tree stands high above all else in town lit with thousands of white lights. Donna DeYoung, from one of Woodinville’s founding families, donated the money to light the tree as a contribution to the city’s overall holiday cheer. Bob Parks, one of the owners of much of the commercial real estate in downtown Woodinville, also contributed to the lighting of this tree. These are two families who continually contribute to the city in meaningful ways.

“Love of Woodinville” is a theme in many of the projects going on in the city currently. From the recently redeveloped DeYoung Park, to the upcoming rehabilitation of the Old Woodinville Schoolhouse, to the work the heritage society of Woodinville does, to the community mural completed last year, to the Peace Poles in DeYoung Park. There is a positive, uplifting and community-building momentum in this great city.

I wish for the families of Woodinville a holiday season filled with love and peace.

Elaine Cook
Deputy Mayor of Woodinville

Letters to the Editor - November 26, 2018

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Climate change is the number one threat to the bird communities, forests, and waterways of Washington.  For our birds, our communities, and the natural environment we all rely on, we need to quickly transition away from fossil fuels and towards a 100% clean energy economy..  After watching large out-of-state oil companies spend millions of dollars to protect the polluting economy of the past, we must demand that our legislature pass practical solutions that help move us into the clean energy economy we deserve.
Without swift action, rising temperatures, wildfires, and altered growing seasons will inflict untold harms to our environment and our economic well-being.
With the loss of I-1631 we missed a great opportunity to reduce our fossil fuel consumption and build the clean energy economy we need, but it’s not the only opportunity.  During this upcoming legislative session our elected officials have an opportunity to create a brighter future for our economy, our people, and the natural world that makes Washington so special.  They can do that by supporting legislation that puts us on a path to 100% clean energy.  Contact your state senator and representatives and urge them to work and vote for a clean energy future.
The Rev. Dr. Jim Rettig
The “SOUTHSIDE BYPASS”.  That is how the Woodinville stretch of NE 171st between Wilmot Gateway and 140th Ave NE was billed & built years ago.  TWO lanes in each direction enabling peaceful bypass of Main Street traffic.
Funneling that down to ONE lane and installing roundabouts so curly and narrow they are dizzying silliness is confounding. The Southside Bypass is now the “SOUTHSIDE BOTTLENECK”.  Each day I now travel to work via Main Street.  It is faster than The Bottleneck.  Merely pondering the millions of my tax dollars funding this multi-year conundrum is infuriating.
Make no mistake, I like roundabouts, but not when BLATANTLY DESIGNED TO HOGTIE TRAFFIC.  Did anyone look to the roundabout at the Hollywood Schoolhouse?  Yep, that puppy has TWO lanes.  Since its installation, traffic flow improved.
Pray tell which of our politicians supported this.  We need to know so we can help vote each and every one of you OUT OF OFFICE.
In the meantime, this 45-YEAR Woodinville resident will revert to the 1980’s, using the newly declared “MAIN STREET BYPASS.”
For your next project, consider eliminating the stretch of Woodinville Way from Woodinville-Duvall Road to Highway 9.  Revert the hill past the recycling plant back to a dirt road.  Then we can go back to the 1970’s… how fun would that be?
On a positive note, CONGRATS to LILY RICHARDSON on your win at The Congress (Woodinville Weekly, 11/12/18).  YOU GO GIRL!!  As an old-timer AJQHA World Champion, I admire & respect your dedication and sacrifice as few others can.                    
Janelle Stancik

Letters to the Editor - 11/19/18

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Woodinville is Country Living City Style or is it City Living Country Style.
Whichever it is, the natural beauty framing our city must not be torn away.
The UNSIGHTLY Teatro ZinZanni advertising sign is a detractor.
As is their out-of-context presence on the old Red Hook Brewery property.
We do NOT want Las Vegas-Style Billboard signage spoiling our beautiful city.
It tarnishes our Country Style and is an invitation for more to pop up.
Marilyn Nason

Letters to the Editor - November 12, 2018

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Secondary Academy for Success (SAS)
Coming to Secondary Academy for Success (SAS), I had no idea that there was a stigma. By getting a job and telling more people where I went to school and hearing rude and sarcastic things, I realized there was so much negativity about it. Drugs and other substances are at all schools, not just at SAS, they are more known about because we are a smaller community of students.  We are good kids and we are learning in a way that works for us.
Today I am writing to you about the judgement about SAS. Students at SAS are constantly being judged and put down simply because they needed a different learning environment. A SAS student who I spoke to said one of the reasons that they didn't come here sooner was because of the judgement they'd been hearing from kids at the bigger high schools.
SAS individualizes learning and tries different things to make school fit for each student.  Being a senior and my second year here, I feel as if this issue is much larger than just SAS alone. Knowing the amount of people that have gone here or the people that have wanted to come here, but didn't because of what someone said is appalling. Personally deep down I know that just us alone won’t change the stigma about coming here.
SAS is a place where you can feel comfortable and be yourself. We the students of SAS don’t have the power to do it alone, so please support us as a member of the community.
Theresa Lewchuck
Bothell WA

Letters to the Editor - November 5, 2018

  • Written by Readers
I am writing to you about this years Halloween and the stealing of personal property that took place. Many residents in our neighborhood were able to eye witness malicious behaviors from children who seem to lack respect and humility.
Full bowls of candy were dumped into bags. Bowls and wash buckets were stolen from residents. Several kids dressed in purple scream outfits came back an hour later,  just to steal more items and leave the little ones with nothing.
Now some may just say, “it’s just kids”. But would that person say the same if these same items were stolen from them or even a store? The last I checked, stealing can get you sometimes 6 months in jail.
I would hope we try to instill our children with the honor system and hope they never take personal property. These children have to understand in this day and age we have cameras and ring. All of what happened on Halloween has been taped. Many parents will be filing a report while others will never be putting out candy again. Some have already contacted the police. So if you have any insight, you may want to say something.
I will be writing a letter to the Northshore School System with hopes that there will be accountability and possibly children doing the right thing.
These individuals have unfortunately ruined it for the next group of kids. All because they wanted more candy and thought it funny to steal people’s belongings. Somehow, I just don’t find that funny.
This type of malicious behavior has no place in our community.
Heidi Thompson