Letters to the Editor - 6/18/18

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The report of Woodinville City Council’s last meeting was appalling and embarrassing. Not only in the way Bernie Talmas broke the news that he was stepping down (abruptly), but in the following conversations. Most disturbingly, was Mr. Talmas statement about qualified people running for office, such as “corporate executives, the economists, the CPAs, the lawyers.” That was so demeaning to “we the people of Woodinville.” Was he inferring that a citizen of Woodinville is inept of being on council? I was absolutely insulted as a community member. The continuous demand that the council vote for a new mayor was also very disturbing, what was the rush? The fact that Talmas selected James Evans and he was the one who got the vote, seemed almost as if it were planned by the two of them. The whole meeting seemed off and not a good representation of how a city council should be run. I hope that the council will take a look at the June meeting and review its behavior for future meetings. Please remember, you are representing the people of Woodinville, and all of us count on a more mature, adult like atmosphere from all of you at the council meetings.
Wendy Wands

Letters to the Editor - 6/11/18

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Did you know the Woodinville “Civic campus project” includes giving the old schoolhouse 3-acre parcel of land away to land developers?
I am a resident of Woodinville.  I appreciate the unique city Woodinville is and am concerned that the Woodinville civic campus project is a big mistake for Woodinville.
Although I have sent out more than 14 emails to city council members, I have received only two responses. One was an invitation to the open house on May 23rd to which I attended and the other was answered with dismissive substance.  I’d like to discuss it.
Les replied.
“We must expend some of our assets to meet our goals.”
We can trade land:
Land is all around us. We can see that it is limited.
Land cannot be created. Of the three possible assets that can be spent to meet our goals, land is the one that we cannot make more of. The only way to get more land is by going first to the other two resources and increasing those so that they can be used to purchase more land. I ask you. If we are so reticent to raise taxes or vote on a bond now, when times are good, why do we assume it is a good idea to make raising taxes the only option for the future when city goals need to be met?
We can vote on a bond measure:
I am not sure how much the council has looked into or considered this option.
We can drain (cash) reserves:
While it may seem successful to say the city has X dollars in the bank this is not honest unless all assets are accounted for and tallied including how much land wealth is with the city at the beginning and end of each council term.
We as citizens deserve to know what portion of our land wealth is being given away on this project.
Finally, when the land becomes the property of someone else we can NOT be assured that our goals for the land will be honored.
With gratitude,
Penelope Jupiter Zela

I don’t live in the City of Woodinville, but I have to traverse it twice a day.
When they were building the roundabout, which took an inordinate amount of time to complete, they took away the bypass.
Now, they are reconstructing the area around the roundabout. Those two projects couldn’t have been done simultaneously?
Or is there some built in redundancy to ensure the taxpayers keep the construction companies well heeled!
I don’t shop or head downtown any more as the four lane bypass has been reduced to just another two lane main street through Woodinville.
Bruce Barnard

Letters to the Editor - June 4, 2018

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Kenmore LGBTQ Proclamation
The city of Kenmore made history during their 5/29/2018 public meeting at Kenmore City Hall.
The City of Kenmore - City Council voted 6-1, to support Pride Week, and ruled to adopt a supportive LGBTQ Proclamation!
During citizen commits, I requested the City form and adopt a Proclamation that "The City of Kenmore stands in support of our LGBTQ Community and Pride." Also speaking in local support, reconciling ministries Rev. Anja Helmon carrying the message of compassion, growth, and learning. Thank you to our supportive councilmen and councilwomen for voting in support: Dept. Mayor Nigel Herbig, Joe Marshall, Stacey Gill Denuski, Mayor David Baker, Brent Smith and Debra Srebnik for your support. Councilmen Milton Curtis ruled against due to his self-held core beliefs.
Corina Pfeil

Letters to the Editor - 5/28/18

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I attended the presentation Wednesday night regarding the proposed Civic Campus.  I asked questions of some the City Council members, Woodinville Planning Commission and Mainstreet in reference to this project.  As I am a long term resident of Woodinville I still have some concerns.  The first is a Traffic Impact Study.  It seems that the downtown area streets will be improved, however, they will still feed into the 522 interchange which does not have plans to be modified to date.  This also includes the Woodinville - Redmond road interchange by KFC and 124th coming down the hill.  All three roads lead in and out of our city.  Secondly,  why are we possibly granting the developer a pass on eight years of property taxes and if approved will the citizens have to make up the difference in higher property taxes on our homes and businesses?  Thirdly, will the proposed apartments be affordable or luxury?  If they are luxury, the employees that work in Woodinville and might walk to work will not be able to afford them, thus complicating the first issue, traffic congestion. These are just some of my concerns and please consider them when you vote on this proposal.  Thank you.

Susan Milke, Woodinville, WA

Letters to the Editor - 5/21/18

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Thank you to the DeYoung Family for assuring Woodinville’s bright future.
I was pleased as I passed by the DeYoung park today and saw the progress that is being made there.  After much planning, community input, and the generous support of the DeYoung Family it looks like we will have another downtown community resource in Woodinville.  With all of the growth, traffic and congestion that has come to the Seattle area recently, it is truly a blessing to reap the rewards of the long term vision and investment made by founding members of our community, like the DeYoung Family.
When I grew up in Woodinville, dairy manure was sprayed on the fields each day this time of year.  There were so few trees back then that the hot air balloons and smell of cows would wafted over the city each night.  It was a constant reminder of what “country living, city style” really meant. 
I have no grief that the manure is gone, though I miss the frequent hot air balloon landings that once upon a time defined the airspace above our town.
Who could have seen the great future and progress that our city has made since then?  As the trees have grown so have the arboreal hazards that accompany them, but thanks to a volunteer tree board our future is safe. Each day we benefit from all the hard work that was done before us and the generous public investments that people made for us without expecting anything in return.
Brendan Woodward, Woodinville