Letters to the Editor - March 11, 2019

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I am happy to see the Washington State Legislature take up a bill (HB1211) to achieve 100% renewable energy in our state.  This is a great investment in our future, and with the costs of renewables dropping rapidly (something that doesn’t happen with fossil fuels), it makes great economic sense.  Thanks to abundant hydropower, we already have a clean grid, but we can close the gap and demonstrate that it is possible to go 100% renewable while maintaining reliability and ultimately lowering costs for consumers.  And with lots of Washington companies providing clean energy products and services, we can help drive innovation and economic growth.  This is why I am an investor with E8, a group that focuses on early stage clean tech companies.  Free markets are wonderful but imperfect, and the market currently doesn’t account for the long term harms done by fossil fuels, which is something policy can address, and HB1211 is a good start.
Eric Berman

Letters to the Editor - March 4, 2019

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According to “” four in 10 children are addicted to the internet. You may think that your kid is addicted as well because they are on the computer every day. I suggest asking your kid how they spend their time on the internet and why they use technology to understand if they are addicted or not. If you're kid is on the computer for 20 hours or more a week, you're probably thinking that's what too long. That's because you haven't heard of E-sports, what's esports you ask?
E-sports stands for Electronic sports which in other words means competitive gaming. If your child is into E-sports playing a game called “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”, the bare minimum of hours is 20-25 weekly you need to be available to practice with teams online. If you were to cut your kids screen time down to two hours a day, there's no way they will ever be good enough to be a professional and play with the pros or win the big time tournaments offering $100k prize pools! Now with E-sports in play, you must understand the difference between addiction and dedication when it comes to screen time.
This all comes down to personal opinion, for me I just want to make sure that my child is prioritizing school, homework, chores, only staying up until their bed time, family outings and family social gatherings like birthday parties. As long as my child is following these rules I don't mind how many hours they play online.
This is all subject to the parents personal preference on how they would like to raise their kid. Although I do believe that children should be taken more seriously and have a voice when it comes to competitive gaming as you can create a full time job off of playing video games competitively and even livestreaming yourself playing and uploading to YouTube too!
Joshua Dunham

Letters to the Editor - February 25, 2019

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On February 10th our home caught fire. Despite the 2 feet of snow the firefighters from 4 different stations along with paramedics were there in 5 minutes. They went to work putting the fire out dragging the large hose up our street and long driveway. They put ladders up against the house and climbed up onto the roof while carrying a chainsaw. It was extremely surreal watching our home of 30 years burn but the firefighters who risked their lives to run into our home have our heartfelt forever gratitude. The paramedics went to work immediately on my husband checking his oxygen levels and blood pressure. They helped in calming our  nerves and  stayed at the house for quite awhile. Our next door neighbors Len and Jane Parris invited all of us into their home to stay warm while the firefighters continued to work on retrieving personal valuable items from our home as well as watching for hotspots and flare ups. Our neighbors John and Lisa Brennan opened their home to us to stay with them as long as needed. There were also many other neighbors in our community that reached out to us with prayers and offers of help including staying with them. It'll be a year before we can move back in but we are blessed that we are all alive and well. We will be forever grateful to the firefighters, first responders and all of our friends and neighbors that helped us get through the traumatic event that day and the days to follow! We feel grateful to live in Woodinville,such a wonderful, caring and giving community! Thank you and God Bless!
Nelson and Kathy Goodsell
After spending a couple of weeks digging out of another “once in a hundred years” weather event, I am thinking more and more about the effects of climate change. While some question how colder weather can be related to global warming, it is clear that weather changes are happening, and that these are linked to climate change. Lately, Washington State has had a marked uptick in climate change related events, including increased and significantly worse flooding, mudslides, and wildfires. We have to do something to stop this.
One way to stop this is by adopting a 100% Washington bill (SB 5116). This bill would commit our state to using only clean electricity by 2045. It will be done in a way that addresses historical inequities around our energy system through low income assistance programs and investments in communities.
Washington is in a unique position to quickly transition away from dirty energy. We have a good deal of existing hydropower as well as strong solar and wind programs. In order to have 100% clean energy, we just need to continue our trend towards increasing solar and wind projects, as well as increasing our investment in technologies such as wave power and tidal power. These are inexpensive investments that will produce cheap, reliable electricity for all of us. At a time when dirty energy prices are rising, clean energy prices are going down. The Washington State Legislature is currently debating the 100% Washington bill. In the Senate, it has been watered down so that consequences are minimal and compliance can be appealed. These changes are leading to a bill that is high on aspirations but will likely have little real effect.
100% Washington will benefit all Washingtonians. It will bring electricity prices down, will help to clean our air, and will help to combat the drastic weather changes and climate effects we are now suffering.
Cathy Ferbrache

Letters to the Editor - February 18, 2019

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I'm a Northwest native, grew up between Bothell and Kenmore, as a young teenager worked on a truck farm in Woodinville, graduated from Bothell High, spent some years living in Spokane, and now live in the greater Grace/Maltby area!  Long ago I introduced my wife and two young boys (8 and 10) to the joys of hiking in the Cascades.  I did the same in the northeastern part of the state as the young boys grew older.  We have continued to hike throughout the Cascades.  We also spent time in state parks, both driving and kayaking to them.  And at one point my then young men and I attempted to climb Mt. Rainier, but got blown off the mountain by high winds.  Then there's the cycling around the state and the fascinating bird life to be seen.  The beauty, the delight, the challenge of the Cascades, the Olympics and the Salish Sea, not to mention eastern Washington's unique Scablands and the enchanting wonder of
The Palouse, take second place to no other area.
Thus I am very concerned about what the effects of climate change are having here:  glaciers receding, snow pack diminishing, bird migrations changing, river temperatures rising.  Yet I am encouraged to see climate action elevated in Olympia and in Washington D.C. with the new House of Representatives.  It's time we pass solutions that move us into the clean energy economy we deserve.
A 100% clean energy economy is a practical way to address climate change, and it will have long-term benefits for our economy, our people and the natural world that makes Washington state so special.  Polling conducted after November's elections shows Washingtonians overwhelmingly support action to address climate change and to increase clean energy use.  Voters who want climate action but rejected I-1631 support 100% clean energy policy by a 2-1 margin.
Every member of Washington's First Legislative District (Senator Guy Palumbo, Representatives Derek Stanford and Shelley Kloba) not only support the new moves in the state legislature (SB5116 and HB1211) to enact these policies, they are all co-sponsors of the respective bill.  Send a letter of thanks to them: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the toll-free legislative hotline:  800-562-6000.
Jim Rettig
I’m a local teen and for the longest time I’ve been interested in non-kill pet shelters. One of my recent school assignments involved the research of non-kill shelters and I found your “pet of the week” page helpful and very inspiring. As someone who really loves pets it’s so nice to be aware of local non-kill shelters focused on making the lives of pets and owners better through adoption. I just wanted to say thank you to both the writer covering this issue and your newspaper as a whole.
Collin Gibbons

Letters to the Editor - February 4, 2019

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The Woodinville Heritage Society Board and membership would like to thank The Woodinville Weekly and their fellow community partners who continually support the Society.  We truly appreciate all that The Weekly does to promote our monthly Community Programs and Heritage Museum exhibits.  Attendance at our recent program on genealogy was standing-room-only primarily due to The Weekly’s dedication to building community.  Several of the attendees arrived with their Woodinville Weekly in hand. 
The Heritage Society’s vision is to be viewed as an essential partner in the fabric of our community.  We are proud of the relationships we have built – and continue to build – with fellow businesses and organizations who are equally dedicated to improving our community.  Along with The Woodinville Weekly, some of our community partners include Eastlake Minuteman Press, Pony Mailbox & Business Center, and Seamonster Studios.  Our Sustaining Members include The Lions Club, Woodinville Chamber of Commerce, Windemere Real Estate, Westhill Custom Homes and The Rotary Club of Woodinville. 
It is because of our members and wonderful organizations like these that we are able to provide interesting community programs and help preserve our past for future generations. 
Rick Chatterton, President
Woodinville Heritage Society