A Successful Sale - It’s All in the Details

  • Written by Blue Team: Ashley Farrington & Michelle Blue, Windermere Woodinville

A prompt sale and a successful closing requires close attention to the details at each stage of the home sale. This is especially important now as the local real estate market has cooled off some and, while it is still a seller’s market, buyers have more homes to choose from and multiple offers aren’t as common as they were last spring.  Pay attention to the details and you will have success.

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​Avoid deer-vehicle collisions

  • Written by PEMCO Insurance
As deer populations soar in many suburban and semi-rural areas, deer-vehicle collisions follow suit. Nationwide, more than 1.5 million motorists hit deer each year, according to studies by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Those crashes kill approximately 150 people and cost more than $1 billion in vehicle damage.
While you can’t predict the movements of a deer, you can improve your odds of avoiding a crash.
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It’s Time to Update Your Child’s Health Information

  • Written by Steve Arnoff, American College of Emergency Physicians
Book bags are replacing beach totes as it quickly becomes time for students to go back to school. Organizing your child’s health information, keeping current with doctor’s appointments and planning for emergency scenarios should be part of every parent’s seasonal routine, the nation’s emergency doctors say.
“We all know about reading, writing and arithmetic. Let’s consider adding a fourth ‘R’ for parents – establishing routine healthy behaviors,” said Paul Kivela, MD, MBA, FACEP, president of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). “Now is the perfect time to catch up on doctor visits and update your child’s health information. Taking these actions, before an emergency occurs, can help avoid a trip to the ER and possibly save your child’s life.”
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Gun Safety

  • Written by PEMCO Insurance

Whether or not you own a gun, a study from the University of Washington will likely get you thinking about gun safety. It found that among the 34% of Washingtonians who have a gun in their households, little more than one-third reported storing them unloaded and locked away.

As we have seen very recently, this can have tragic consequences for kids.

To keep your kids safe, experts recommend a combination of child-proofing your gun and gun-proofing your child.

For guns:
•Store unloaded guns and bullets separately
•Lock up guns in a gun safe
•Use trigger locks
•Consider storing guns elsewhere (like at the shooting range)

For kids who encounter a gun - Tell them that if they see a gun:
•Don’t touch (without parent supervision)
•Get away (assume every gun is loaded)
•Tell an adult