Editor's Explorations - Safeco Field

  • Written by Kristen Hamilton, Editor

My husband is a big baseball fan.  His favorite team is actually the  NY Mets mostly due to the fact that he was raised in Conn. But, since he loves the game, we have made a few outings to Safeco Field and have really enjoyed watching the Marnier’s play.

Major league sporting events can be pricey but it doesn’t have to break the bank and we’ve found a couple tricks to help make it more affordable.

SafecoTickets have been readily available through the website ( apparently due to the fact that Seattle hasn’t had a winning season for a while but whether they win or loose the games are a ball (pun intended).  Bleacher seats start at about $20 and pricing of course goes up from there depending on where you’d like to sit in the park. 

To avoid the big parking price tag (we’ve seen $40-$70), we’ve been heading to the University of Washington Link station and taking the Light Rail right to the stadium.  With parking there (about $12) and link tickets ($10), the total is still considerable less than parking at the stadium (plus no traffic headaches).

Is it fun to drink beer at the game? You bet!  Is it expensive? You bet!  We found Suds of Sultan to be our favorite spot to pick up a cold beer.  You can get a normal sized 12oz. beer for $5-6 (depending on the brand).  The key to a 12oz. beer (versus the 24oz. tall boys most outlets are selling) is 1) it won’t get warm before you finish, 2) you’ll get exercise restocking, 3) and, although it’s still pricey, it doesn’t feel as painful a dishing out $12.50 for a tall boy.  Another trick – we bring an empty water bottle and fill it at the water fountain.  Beats the $5 they are charging for a bottle of water at the stadium.

Having moved here recently from a state (Montana) that didn’t have any options to see professional sports live, “take me out to the ball game” is more fun than ever!

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