Editor's Explorations - Angle Lake

  • Written by Kristen Hamilton, Editor

One of the things we love about living in the Seattle area is the fact that public transportation is an option for getting around.  Sure, it’s not always the most direct or perfect timing, but it is an option. My husband and I have used it a few times to get to the airport or to a game at Safeco Field.  On those trips, we’ve noticed the last stop on the Light Rail Link “Angle Lake” and knew we’d better add that to our exploration list. 

Angle lakePhoto by Kristen HamiltonIronically, a friend of ours from Montana called to let us know that she’d be swimming in a race in Seattle and wanted to get together.  The race was the U.S. Masters Swimming Open Water Championships at Angle Lake Park just last month.  Perfect! We’d get to check out the lake, and see our good friend and her husband on their visit.

The race was on a Satur-day morning.  Traffic would be light so we opted to drive but ended up parking at the Light Rail Station as recommended by the race website as the lot at the lake was expected to fill up.  There was no charge for parking at the station, and it was only a short walk to Angle Lake Park.

Angle Lake is in the town of SeaTac right by the airport and is 102 acres (we compared to Green Lake which is 259 acres) and aptly named on account of its outline, similar to a 90° L-shaped angle.  Unlike Green Lake though you are not able to walk completely around it on a pathway as it is surrounded by private houses.

The park is open year round and very popular for fishing.  It is stocked with rainbow trout but also home to kokanee, largemouth bass, crappie, catfish, and yellow perch.  There is a boat launch as well as picnic areas and restrooms.  At the height of the summer, you can tell this park would be hopping with a large water spray park and large beach with swimming area.  The picnic shelters and barbecue areas can be reserved in the summer time via the SeaTac Community Center.  Check out for more information.

The race started at 9 a.m. with a large pack of racers taking off at the same time from the open water just off the dock.  The men took off first and 15 minutes later the women started.  They looped around the lake – one mile total – and ended back at the park.  My girlfriend did great, and we were glad we got to see our first Open Water Masters race.

Following the race, we walked a few blocks to Dave’s Diner and had a huge breakfast.  You would have thought that we had just raced ourselves! I recommend this little diner as well as the food was great.  The atmosphere was cool too with the walls decorated with retro Route-66 items and old license plates from various states around our country.  We will be back to explore more of Seattle’s south side in the very near future.

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