Jump Into Spring

  • Written by Dr. Allison Apfelbaum
I can’t believe spring is here already, and it reminds me of how much I missed the sunshine.  Spring is always a good time to start cleaning out clutter around the house, but also within your physical body as well.  Spring is also a good time to cleanse the body, which will help increase your energy and possibly aid in weight loss.  In Naturopathic medicine, supporting the liver and kidneys are important for any kind of detox.  Here are some tips to help improve energy and lose weight before summer rolls around.
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Edible Pedal Power

  • Written by Jean Satti, Molbak’s Garden + Home, Woodinville
When it comes to entertaining how can you make your creativity bloom?  Try dressing up your garden and your culinary creations with flowers pretty enough to eat. 
Edible flowers have been accenting dinner plates for centuries, and today they bring a gourmet touch to gatherings and a wave of color to your gardens.  When using edible flowers – remember:
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​Frozen car lock? There's a hack for that

  • Written by PEMCO Insurance

For all those unsuspecting souls who moved to the Northwest during our spectacular summer, we have a secret. That stellar season's evil twin officially arrives in about three weeks.

No guarantees, of course. Northwest winters can range from wild to mild. But it's a rare year that escapes at least one harsh cold snap. When ours materializes, you'll be glad you knew how to:

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Beware of Ride-Sharing Trick During Holiday Rush

  • Written by Better Business Bureau

As millions prepare to travel for the holidays this year, Better Business Bureau is sending out a warning to travelers on what scams to look out for during the holiday rush.
In the last three years, nearly 3,000 travel complaints have been reported to BBB Scam Tracker with $1.3 million lost. When planning to visit family over the holidays, BBB recommends to look out for these scams:

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Never Too Soon to Prevent Gun Violence

  • Written by submitted by U.S. Congressman Rick Larsen

Imagine this scenario: during an annual physical exam, your doctor turns to you and says, "I'm sorry, but I have some bad news. You are really sick."

Concerned, you ask your doctor what can be done to remedy your illness.

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