Guatemala - the cultural gem of Central America

  • Written by Deborah Stone

Guatamala_145Antigua charms visitors with its 17th century Spanish colonial architecture, cobblestone streets and quaint shops.

Guatemala is the crown jewel of Central America. Its scenic beauty, colorful culture, exotic wildlife and ancient history dazzle visitors from all over the world. And its warm, comfortable temps make it appealing for travelers at anytime of the year.

Unlike its oft visited neighbors, Belize and Costa Rica, however, Guatemala is not a major tourist mecca – yet. Those who do venture to this "land of eternal spring" come for its unpolished appeal – for its authenticity and genuine character. And they delight in the hospitable nature of the people, who take pride in sharing their rich heritage with others.

Though it is only about the size of Tennessee, Guatemala’s diversity in its geography, wildlife and inhabitants is impressive. It has everything from tropical jungles and active volcanoes to mountain cloud forests, lakes and beaches.


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