Construction update: NE 171st Street Urban Parkway Project

  • Written by City of Woodinville

Construction for the NE 171st street urban parkway project began in August 2016. The project concept (approved by the Woodinville City Council in 2012 by Resolution No. 430) outlines the city’s agreement to make improvements along NE 171st street from 133rd Ave NE to 140th Ave NE.

roadNE 171st Street Urban Parkway Project Stream Restoration & Roundabout Construction (Image courtesy City of Woodinville)

This is a joint project between the city of Woodinville and developers of Woodin Creek Village.

Residents can expect to see the following improvements with this project:
• Maximizing the stream buffer along NE 171st street — this means adding additional natural vegetation to enhance stream conditions and promote salmon spawning habitat and removing invasive non-native vegetation such as Himalayan blackberry and English ivy;
• Constructing a new roundabout in 2016 at 135th Ave NE which is centered south of the existing roadway to minimize negative impacts to Woodin Creek and allow for wider stream buffers (developer);
• Constructing a new roundabout in 2017 at 133rd Ave NE (city);
• Replacing existing culverts that meet current width requirements and will enhance salmon spawning in the stream;
• Protecting the newly enhanced stream buffer with split rail fencing that protects existing vegetation and blends in with the natural environment

Despite the visual difference after invasive species have been removed, existing native trees have been retained. Complete project construction is estimated to conclude by early 2018. The city is working closely with the developer to ensure all aspects of the project are completed as designed.

The city of Woodinville has worked closely with all impacted regulatory agencies and Native American tribes to ensure this project complies with all local, county and state-wide environmental regulations. The work in the stream has been approved and permitted by the State Department of Fish and Wildlife.

creekOne method of stream restoration can be to bring fallen logs from nearby locations and place them in streams to provide shade habitat for fish. (Image courtesy City of Woodinville)

If residents are interested in learning more about stream restoration and habitat enhancements, please give project manager Thomas E. Hansen, PE, a call directly: (425) 877-2291. Residents can also read about stream restoration in a recent publication by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

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