Win some, lose some

Falcons drop game to Eastlake 9 to 3 on March 15
The Eastlake Wolves started the season ranked #2 in the state, giving up the one spot to their next-door neighbors, Skyline. Sitting at #3 in the pre-season rankings, Woodinville was right behind. If you throw in the 3A Kingco teams including Mercer Island and Bellevue, the Kingco conference is the powerhouse in Washington State Lacrosse. So the first meeting of the year between division rivals was going to be a rough one and full of importance for playoff spots later in the year.
 MCC7956Eric Belanger breaks free of an Eastlake Defender. (Colleen Colley Photo)Woodinville again came out slow and was in familiar territory down 4 to 0 early in the game. They were unable to pull back ahead as they had in their previous games. The Wolves were too good of a team for that.    Andrew Ng got the Falcons on the scoreboard, and Max VanWinkle scored 2, but the Eastlake goalie was superb and they won a majority of the faceoffs to control the ball well through the game. The Falcons know full well if they are to see Eastlake later this year in the playoffs, starting slow is not an option.
Falcons beat Mt. Si 14 to 3 on March 19
Woodinville headed out to Mt. Si for their second conference game. After their loss to Eastlake, they wanted to win convincingly to prove they deserved the early season top 3 state ranking.
Again, the Falcons came out with a ho-hum start, falling behind by 2 before Mason Leet hit a quick inside goal.  But then Leet really got to work, and it wasn’t with goals, but assists.  In one of the more epic performances in Falcon history, Leet picked up 5 assists to help lead the team to a big victory.  Max VanWinkle, Thomas Pollon and Logan Fitzpatrick also had assists and Kaden Fitzpatrick returned to his winning ways on faceoffs with 12 of 17.   The boys spread the scoring too, Hunter Graham picked up his first of the year.  The younger Fitzpatrick picked up two and his brother one.  Zach Barnett and Eric Belanger also scored 2 goals apiece.

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