Tolt Museum moving to historic Hjertoos house

  • Written by Lisa Allen

Tolt Historical Society members are currently moving the Tolt Historical Museum’s collection from Carnation Farms, where it has been since 2010, to a permanent location in the historic Hjertoos house at Carnation Tree Farm. The historical items had been on display, with limited hours, next to the Carnation Farms’ collection of old carriages in the former dairy barn.

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Camps, Council & Dogs in Duvall

  • Written by David B. Clark
“School’s out and summer is just about to get into full swing. I am thrilled to share with the community two new partnerships that will bring four more weeks of summer camps to Duvall and the Snoqualmie Valley. We are thrilled to welcome back to Duvall, the Northshore YMCA and announce a new partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Snohomish County,” exclaimed Mayor of Duvall Amy Ocklerlander.
Day camps will be held by the Northshore YMCA, which also provides its services to Woodinville, Bothell, and Kenmore, July 23-27 at McCormick Park (26200 NE Stephens St, Duvall, WA 98019). The outdoors are the center of the educational activities during these day camps where attendees will be able to swim and adventure in addition to having the chance to participate in arts and crafts.
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Mentoring Matters

  • Written by Heather Downing | Youth Success! Mentoring Program Coordinator
“It doesn’t get any better than knowing that what you are doing for a child is actually making a positive difference in their life.  It is a beautiful thing to see the positive changes unfolding right in front of you as they begin to realize that they do matter and that they are worthy of happiness and friendship. One of my favorite parts of my week is seeing my mentee.”
What happens when you’re a child and you feel you don’t matter?  We all want to feel that we are not alone in dealing with day-to-day challenges, and that we matter to those around us. Mentoring fills this critical need and lets a young person know they are not alone and that someone cares. Research shows the powerful positive effects on a young person’s personal academic and community situation that result from a quality mentoring relationship.
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New “Showmobile” to debut this SummerStage season

  • Written by Valley View Staff

The city of Duvall received delivery of its new community stage after two years of community fundraising and appropriations from 4Culture, the state of Washington and the city of Duvall last month.

The new stage replaces a 50-year old stage that began its career with the city of Seattle in the 60’s and was acquired by Duvall in 2004 at a surplus auction.

The effort to acquire a new stage began in 2015 when the Duvall Cultural Commission (DCC) and city staff, led by Kass Holdeman, began to focus on finding and acquiring grants to help pay for a new stage. With a one-time cultural facilities grant available through King County’s 4Culture; and support from King County Councilmember Kathy Lambert, the stage received its first $40,000 of funding.

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Duvall Poetry - Aug 1 - T. Clear

  • Written by Valley View Staff
Duvall Poetry Open Mic meets at 7 p.m. on first Wednesdays at the Duvall Library. Every month there is a featured reader (or two) plus an open mic reading. Next up T. Clear on August 1.
A founder of Floating Bridge Press, T. Clear’s poetry has appeared in many magazines and anthologies, most recently in, Scoundrel Time, UCity Review, Raven Chronicles, The Rise Up Review, and 56 Days of August/Poetry Postcards. Her work has been nominated for a Pushcart Award and Independent Best American Poetry Award. She is a lifelong resident of Seattle, and has the good fortune to spend her days inventing new color combinations to paint on sandblasted glass, allowing her to make her living as an artist.