So, how is that low fat diet working for you?

  • Written by Cindy Hilliard at Revitalize Clinic /Woodinville
Americans have been on a low fat diet for over 20 years, yet the CDC states that in that time obesity in adults has increased over 60 percent and more than tripled in children.

Low fat food makers often replace the fat with carbohydrates to make the food taste better.

Carbohydrates make us fat, so eating low fat foods can actually prevent you from losing weight or even make you gain. Carbohydrates are also linked to type 2 diabetes.

We think low fat foods are healthier for us therefore it’s OK to eat as much as we want, wrong. They are usually highly processed and contain weird chemicals, not to mention they don’t taste as good as the real thing.

Maybe it’s time to realize low fat foods don’t work!

Our body is creating too much insulin to process the excessive amount of sugar and carbohydrates we eat. This is the leading cause that makes us fat and increases our risk of serious health problems.

We get fat by eating foods that lack nutrients —  because we end up eating more to get the nutrients that we need.  Lack of sleep and stress can also be contributing factors to not losing weight.

If you want to lose weight, don’t be afraid to embrace fat, fat is not the enemy.  Our brains need fat to function correctly, fat helps our bones to absorb calcium, feeds the heart and reduces inflammation.

Eating natural foods instead of highly processed food is much more nutritious and satisfying, therefore we eat a lot less. Eating a low carbohydrate diet is the key to losing weight.

Giving our bodies a well-deserved “carb break” allows our bodies to use fat and protein as its fuel source and you will lose weight.

So have a slice of cheese or a hand full of nuts and enjoy foods that are good for you and taste good.

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