Giving Thanks

  • Written by K. W. Scarbrough, OD Eagle Eye Vision Care, PS

If asked, most of us would list vision as something for which we are truly thankful.

Our eyes work from the moment we open them until we go to sleep at night. It is almost impossible to voluntarily hurt our eyes.  But as sensitive as the front of the eye is, there are no pain sensors inside the eye so we cannot detect most eye diseases ourselves. If an eye is healthy then excellent vision is possible with simple corrective lenses. Unhealthy eyes, however, can lead to tragic consequences for vision.  

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Fall colors for the color blind?

  • Written by K. W. Scarbrough, OD Eagle Eye Vision Care, PS

Fall is here and the beautiful reds, golds and oranges of autumn are wonderful to see! People in your life who are color blind might not be as impressed, however. The most common form of color blindness causes confusion between red and green which means a reduced appreciation for the turning leaves.

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Can I get a side of calm with that?

  • Written by Geraldine Banes

Overscheduling. We are all guilty of that one way or another. Some of us rush around like a Chihuahua on speed, or a headless chicken with feet to spare. We are driven by jobs, by family, by expectations both met and unmet. We feel guilty if we slow down just an iota. Who has time to stop and just be for a moment? The internet meme sensation catch phrase ‘Don’t have time for that!’ went viral as it struck a chord with the way we view ourselves and our lives today.

Constantly rushing, we lose ourselves. We lose our connection. Our minds run the show. It often isn’t until our body rebels and we are forced to rest. To shut down.  When this happens we have no choice but to face ourselves and a period of re-adjustment arrives. The wake-up call. Suddenly life is realized to be precious. Nothing is taken for granted and nothing is ever quite the same again.

So how do we get to that realization without having a massive wake-up call? By letting in some awareness of the space in your life. Take music or art as an example. An important aspect of music is not just the sound but the silence. The silence or pause gives meaning and depth to the piece. The same goes for art. Paintings incorporating space give a place to rest the eyes.

You don’t have to become super-spiritual to engage in restfulness. It’s too hard to be ‘on’ all the time. All you have to do is be mindful, catch yourself rushing and then in that moment, take a breath and fully enjoy the moment. Remove guilt. Take time for yourself and find places, people, things, that give you space.

Geraldine Banes is the owner of Studio Beju, 15630 Main St NE Duvall, WA

Physical therapy plays critical role in breast cancer treatment and rehab

  • Written by Guest

Researchers from the Netherlands recently found that a combination of supervised strength and aerobic training during the early stages of breast cancer treatment reduces fatigue while helping patients increase muscle fitness.

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month approaches in October, Becky Miller, DPT, CSCS, of PhysioCare Physical Therapy points out this study is the latest in a line of research that touts the important role physical therapists can play in breast cancer treatment, general rehabilitation and the early diagnosis of potential complications following treatment.

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