First aid basics for epilepsy

  • Written by Freya Symes

Epilepsy. What do you immediately think of? Your first thought probably isn’t that it takes as many lives as breast cancer. Nor is it that the number of Americans epilepsy affects is more than multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy combined. However, these are the statistics and as with countless other medical conditions, awareness is not nearly as high on the agenda as it should be.

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Something is in the air

  • Written by submitted By K. W. Scarbrough Eagle Eye Vision Care, PS

Summer is here and grass pollen is swirling, causing those with allergies to suffer.

When the body thinks it is being assaulted it increases the blood supply to carry away the intruder. Unfortunately the intruder is not a germ but is something in the environment, either a sudden encounter such as cat dander or long-term exposure to dust or mold.

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Washington ranks #11 for senior health, according to annual report

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

Washington ranked #11 for senior health this year, according to the third edition of United Health Foundation’s America’s Health Rankings® Senior Report: A Call to Action for Individuals and Their Communities.

Nationwide, the report shows positive trends for senior health, especially for those measures that look at whether seniors are getting the right care in a setting of their choice. Seniors are experiencing lower hospital readmission rates and preventable hospitalization rates compared to last year, while hospice care use and the number of home healthcare workers have increased.

“United Health Foundation’s America’s Health Rankings Senior Report is a vital tool for understanding where we, as a state, are making strides in senior health and where key challenges for Washington’s seniors remain,” said Eric Wall, MD, market medical director, UnitedHealthcare in Washington. “With America’s senior population poised to double by 2050, we must continue to invest in programs and solutions that address our seniors’ health needs and help them live the best lives they possibly can.”

Washington’s Overall Health

The America’s Health Rankings Senior Report finds that Washington has its share of strengths and challenges.
Washington’s Strengths
•    Low prevalence of physical inactivity: Less than 24 percent of the senior population is physically inactive, ranking Washington third in the U.S.
•    Low rate of hip fractures: In the past year, hip fractures decreased from 21 percent from 6.7 to 5.3 hospitalizations per 1,000 Medicare beneficiaries.
•    Low prevalence of preventable hospitalizations: Washington ranks sixth in the U.S., with preventable hospitalizations decreasing 15 percent in the past two years from 46.4 to 39.3 discharges per 1,000 Medicare beneficiaries.
Washington’s Challenges
•    High prevalence of chronic drinking: Nearly 5 percent of the senior population reports chronic drinking, ranking Washington 39th in the U.S.
•    Low prescription drug coverage: About 82 percent of seniors have prescription drug coverage in Washington, ranking the state 46th.
•    High prevalence of falls: Washington ranks 48th in the country, with more than 32 percent of senior reporting falls.

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Medical grants available for children in Washington

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

The UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation (UHCCF) is seeking grant applications from families in need of financial assistance to help pay for their child’s health care treatments, services or equipment not covered, or not fully covered, by their commercial health insurance plan.

This is a highly under-utilized program by families in Washington. Last year only 17 families applied for and received grants (as compared to hundreds in states like Texas, Ohio and Florida — families in some states were recipients of a combined total of more than $350,000 in grants).

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Suicide prevention

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

In a continued goal to provide the community with important tools, we will be printing and reprinting resources  that we feel important for the health of our community.

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