• Written by Jean Satti of Molbak’s
Cool water splashing overhead, sliding on wet grass, remember running through the sprinkler on a hot, summer day?  But who knew that a sprinkler uses about 600 gallons of water an hour!  The water crisis is on the forefront of the news with demand for water in some states exceeding the natural supply.  As we head into the driest part of the gardening season, Molbak’s garden + home in Woodinville has some tips and tools that can help you conserve water, save money and keep your garden healthy.
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Call Blocking Specialists Provide Support to Washington Veterans

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

A call blocking specialist has launched a free e-toolkit to help prevent veterans becoming the victims of telephone fraud. In light of the recent AARP research, which revealed that veterans are twice as likely to be targeted by fraudsters, CPR Call Blocker has created a downloadable resource to empower veterans when handling telephone calls.

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It's Time Now to Plot Against Porch Pirates

  • Written by PEMCO Insurance
Online shoppers, it's not too early to take steps now to deter porch pirates from stealing your holiday gift deliveries.
Doorstep theft has jumped dramatically in recent years. Thieves stalk delivery trucks and snatch packages off porches in broad daylight, doing it so quickly that no one's the wiser until the online shopper wonders, "Where's my delivery?"
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