Orchids 101

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Admit it, we’ve all been tempted. We’re walking through a grocery store or nursery and are lured by a beautiful display of exotic orchids. We pick one up and think, “This can’t be that hard to grow.” And then weeks later – we’re adding our orchid to the compost pile.

orchid1Whether you choose a Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, Cymbidium or another species, an orchid’s delicate blossoms can look intimidating, but these tropical divas are easier to care for than you think. The keys to success are choosing a healthy, robust orchid, knowing the light it needs to thrive and being consistent with care. This is where expert advice is invaluable.

According to the American Orchid Society, the number one reason orchids do not survive is incorrect watering practices. A general rule of thumb is to water when the potting medium of your plant is almost completely dried out. Then, place your orchid under a stream of tepid water until water drains easily out of the pot. This not only saturates the plant, but it also flushes out salts that accumulate in the potting medium. Consistent, thorough watering as needed, about once or twice weekly, helps keeps your plant stress-free and healthy.

Another key for orchid success is location, location, location! Make sure your type of orchid has the correct amount of light and temperature to set bud and blossom. That, combined with regular feeding with an orchid fertilizer, will keep your plants in top shape.  

So at Molbak’s, you can give into temptation. We have a wide variety of premium quality orchids, supplies and containers, and a knowledgeable staff who can help you choose which orchid will thrive best in your home or office.

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