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The “farm to table” movement has brought new life to edible gardening. Knowing how (organically), and when and where (10 minutes ago from your backyard) your food was gathered, are compelling reasons to “grow your own.” And with the new varieties of edibles, created with backyard and container gardening in mind, even a small space can yield an abundant harvest that will save you money at the grocery store.

molbaksNew varieties of raspberries are now available specifically for small spaces, like containers. (Courtesy photo)Cohabitate

Don’t have a dedicated garden to grow vegetables, fruits and herbs? Then add them to your existing flower beds and borders. Most edibles need full sun, so tuck squash and bell peppers in sun-drenched spots. Strawberries and thyme work well as edging and combo apple or cherry trees that graft three or four different types on one tree are tasty additions that offer variety and save space. And remember to go vertical! Add beans, peas and other vining veggies or grapes or kiwi to your arbors and along walls and fences. Bees are attracted to your flowers and this co-mingling will help pollinate and increase your edible harvest too.  

Top Crops in Pots

Are you a patio or balcony gardener? Hanging baskets, containers and window boxes can yield beauty and bounty. Many vegetables like cucumbers, eggplant and beans come in “bush” varieties that thrive in containers. Plant tomatoes in a pot, with delicious basil and trailing edible nasturtiums. Lettuce makes a lush and colorful window box, accented with fragrant rosemary and tarragon. Even root vegetables like beets and carrots perform well in deep containers. And there are new berry and fruit varieties that space-challenged gardeners can enjoy — for example, thornless bush raspberries, and compact blueberries that produce like their large cousins but in small spaces.

At Molbak’s we have everything you need to get your edible garden growing: vegetable starts, fruit trees and berries that work well in small and large spaces, plus container gardening essentials: pots, raised beds, soil and fertilizers. 

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