So Happy Together - Fun with themed seed packs

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There are a zillion seeds out there just waiting to be planted, to grow, to delight. If you want a simple way to create a well-thought-out mini-garden filled with character and variety, reach for the ease and convenience of themed seed packets.

Inside a themed seed packet you’ll find an assortment of carefully selected seeds that are proven to coexist happily, side by side. Whether you want to grow a mini-garden overflowing with gorgeous flowers or a container filled with delicious, fresh herbs and veggies, there are plenty of themed seed packets to get you started quickly.

Here are just a few of our favorite themes and inspired ideas for how to have fun with these delightful mixes:

The annual and perennial flowers in the Water-Wise Mix have been selected for their drought tolerance and adaptability.
Nurture & Conserve

Earth Day is April 22! Celebrate with seed collections that do their part to conserve precious resources and help nurture nature along. Botanical Interests® offers a Save the Bees mix filled with fragrant herbs and beautiful flowers that attract and provide food for honeybees. They also carry a Water-Wise Mix filled with highly adaptable, drought-tolerant plant varieties.

Gift idea: For an eco-conscious friend, arrange these earth-friendly goodies in a colorful biodegradable bamboo pot: garden gloves made from recycled water bottles, a rain gauge, a reusable water bottle and a packet of Water-Wise Seed Mix.

Flutter & Float

For the child at heart, there are plenty of playful mixes that will lure delightful creatures into your garden. Choose from themed seed packets that grow into irresistible gardens for hummingbirds, songbirds or butterflies. Botanical Interests also carries a Fairy Meadow mix that’s so enchanting, it just might open your eyes to the magic of fairies.

Gift idea: Does your mother love watching hummingbirds flit about? If so, nest a pretty hummingbird feeder, some lovely aviary-themed notecards and a packet of Hummingbird Haven Seed inside a rustic gift basket. It’s a Mother’s Day gift that will make her heart soar.

A ready-made hummingbird magnet - get started with the Hummingbird Haven themed seed packet.
Harvest & Enjoy

Few things are more satisfying than bringing homegrown herbs, vegetables and flower bouquets straight from your garden into your kitchen. Try a trio of fragrant basils; a hearty mix of corn, beans and squash; or a gourmet mix of baby greens for fresh summer salads. And for that empty corner of your veggie garden? Scatter a packet of Grandmother’s Cut Flower Garden Seed from Renee’s Garden and enjoy a charming mix of old-fashioned flowers, perfect for tabletop bouquets.

Gift idea: Celebrate sisterhood by giving a friend a brightly colored colander filled with recipe cards, a cookbook of Northwest favorites, and a pack of Native American Three Sisters Garden seeds from Renee’s Garden. According to Iroquois legend, corn, beans and squash are three inseparable sisters who grow and thrive together. What could be more appropriate for a dear friend?

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