It’s Time You Went Clubbing

  • Written by Woodinville Wine Country

Groucho Marx famously said, “I’d never belong to any club that would accept me as a member.” He was obviously not a wine enthusiast. For some, the word “club” conjures up something elite and expensive. For others, it’s a place to rave until 3 in the morning. In Woodinville wine country, a club is a way to elevate your wine experience through a host of delicious privileges and rewards offered by your favorite winery.

White Rose Reserve final.CMYK copyPhoto courtesy of Mel Mandville Design

Too many wine lovers assume that wine clubs are only for the most experienced or moneyed wine enthusiast, or that all club members are serious collectors with vast cellars at home. Nonsense. For anyone who buys a bottle or more of wine a month, joining a wine club is one the best, least expensive ways to regularly enjoy exclusive offerings from your most beloved winemakers. Once you’ve tasted your way around Woodinville’s four districts and established a taste for certain winemakers, the next natural step—whether you’re new to wine or a seasoned expert—is to pick a winery or two and ask about their club.

Wine clubs provide members with price discounts, access to small lots and special reserves, first priority on new releases and limited distributions, and exclusive winery events like private parties and educational functions. Through the club, you’ll meet the winemakers, learn their philosophy and be among the first to taste the fruits of their talent. You’ll also enjoy the fun and friendships you make with some of the most experienced palates in wine country: your fellow club members.

Exclusive wines, preferred pricing, private events, passionate people—there are plenty of great reasons to become part of a wine club. Perhaps the best one is the effect all of these benefits will have on your appreciation for the product, process and people that have turned Woodinville and Washington into one of the world’s premier wine regions. Through a wine club, you’ll take a deeper dive into your favorite wineries, gaining a richer, more intimate wine experience and a fuller understanding of how all these ingredients come together—both in the glass and in our growing corner of the wine world.

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