The Woodinville Insider: Beyond every great wine is a nosh

  • Written by Woodinville Wine Country

Wine is that rare drink that needs no accompaniment. No surprise then that some of the most common wine descriptors relate to food: chewy, jammy or buttery, to name just a few. That said, who would argue that the right nosh brings out the best in a fine wine? Winemakers, of course, know this only too well, which is why the best ones offer delicious bites of their own, or position themselves conveniently close to great eateries. And we’re not talking about only fancy or filling, included are simple, flavorful morsels that add volumes to any wine-tasting experience.

9427 PizzaOven

Columbia Winery pairs their wines with daily offerings of flatbreads, fine cheeses and crackers that provide just the right flavor contrast to their unique family of vintages. Down the street, the new Tandem Restaurant and Wine Bar offers farm-fresh a Northwest menu to cleanse your palate and rest your feet after visiting the many wineries.

As you swirl and sip your way through the Hollywood District, duck into Village Wines for their seasonal flatbreads, salads and sandwiches. These simple, authentic dishes pair perfectly with the neighborhood wines, and you can order to-go to enjoy at a nearby patio or your next tasting room.

When you head up the hill to the Warehouse District, the winery choices become almost dizzying. Luckily, there are ample food options to keep you grounded.

Proven Breads pulls fresh, hearth-baked loaves out of their ovens daily. Pair them with their charcuterie and artisan cheeses while sipping a fine Cabernet, and life doesn’t get much better. Or step into Davenport Cellars and choose from their tantalizing menu of appetizers and entrées to match their superb wine selections.
Woodinville is impossibly rich with wine. But what makes it all the more richer is the abundance of fresh, light food fare that makes these wines even better. To get a true flavor for this place, enjoy these delicious opportunities to fill your plate as well as your glass.

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