It’s time to choose a summer camp for your children

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

The days are growing longer, and that means that time is growing short for parents to find the right summer camp program for their children, says Vivek Goyel, franchise owner of Kiddie Academy of Redmond, an educationally focused child care provider in Redmond. Popular programs fill up quickly, so the earlier families begin their search, the wider their choice of camps will be.

“The summer camp experience can offer your children some real benefits beyond fun and field trips,” said Goyel. “Summer camp programs can help your children test their boundaries socially, physically, mentally and emotionally, while the more relaxed atmosphere of a summer program helps open children up to new experiences. The right program can help a child develop leadership skills and a sense of independence, which are important building blocks for future academic and personal success.”

The challenge for families is to balance parental concerns like safety and enrichment with their children’s need for fun, friends and a “vacation” experience. For families who are not sure how to begin their search, Goyel suggests starting with some basic, practical considerations:

•    Eliminate camps that simply won’t work with the family’s schedule. For example, working parents may need to rule out camps that don’t offer extended hours.
•    Check with your current childcare provider. Your existing childcare provider may offer traditional camp activities over the summer, geared for varying age groups.
•    Employ the buddy system. The parents of your children’s friends are a great resource for information on camps. If you choose a camp that works for both families, parents can share drop-off and pick-up duties and children will have a built-in camp buddy.

With a list of possible camps in hand, parents can turn their attention to the camp program itself. Goyel suggests talking to your children’s friends directly about their favorite camp experiences, while keeping your own children’s priorities in mind. “Some children may thrive on camp programs that combine educational enrichment with fun activities,” Goyel explains. “The more you keep your children’s interests in mind, the more enjoyable the summer will be for them and for you.”
For more information about Kiddie Academy of Redmond and the Camp Adventure summer program, please contact Vivek Goyel at 425-654-1347 or visit

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