In today's column I shall review more games. The twist is these games are sport simulations. Some can change the sport to make it more interesting.
Rocket League: I am really enjoying this soccer game where you control a car. As a car, you try to knock the over-sized soccer ball into your opponent’s goal.  They have added a lot of stuff since Spring 2015. After trying out both the online multiplayer and the matches against the CPU, I have figured out that multiplayer is better in my opinion. The AI is just too easy. Now the game has lots of new modes to play in.  After the matches you collect gear. The gear doesn’t make your car better; it is just for showing off. I give Rocket League 10 out of 10. Here is the trailer
Sportsfriends: Four mini-games packed into one $15 dollar game. Johann Sebastian Joust is where you try to keep your PlayStation Move controller steady while trying to wobble your opponents. The faster the music gets the more the game tolerates wobbles. Please don’t get BaraBariBall confused with Smash or another platforming fighter. It is kind of like volleyball.  I think it’s a good deal for PS Move owners. Here is the trailer at
Keyboard Sports: This is when quick typing is really needed. Use the keyboard to move your character, Qwerty. I have only tried a couple of levels. One level was where Qwerty could shoot arrows from a bow if you held down the key Qwerty was standing on, then clicked another to fire in that direction. Monsters came from all around. I am very excited for the second game, Keyboard Sports Saving Qwerty. Here is the trailer at

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