A Perfect Dog Sport!

  • Written by Positive Dog Training School

When even reactive dogs and a little corgi who walks with his  back legs attached to wheels since his hind quarters are paralyzed  can participate, you know this is the perfect sport for all dogs. All ages, all breeds and mixed breeds are welcome because all dogs have fabulous noses and that is the only requirement for the sport of  “Nose Work.”  If the dog’s owner wishes, the game can go as far as entering scenting trials. However, the greatest benefit is the   bonding  that occurs between the owner and the dog. All that is needed to start is a few cardboard boxes, good smelling yummy dog treats and any time of the day or night to “play” at home and to join a “nose work” class for instruction. For more information, visit the website of  National  Association of Canine Nose  or Positive Dog Training School. com in Woodinville.                                          .

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