Letters to the Editor - April 28, 2014

  • Written by Readers

I am so pleased with the changes in content of both the articles and the letters.
That first article about the crows who gather in Bothell for their staging preparation of night roosting in the North Creek wetlands was something I wanted someone to write about. It is absolutely fascinating, as hundreds of crows gather around the former Anderson School and the Sammamish Park in the trees and chatter about their daily events. Towards dusk they move to the North Creek wetlands, for their night roosting. They do this around Montlake in Seattle as well.

My concern is that since all the construction in Bothell, their trees are diminishing rapidly. I wonder if any one knows what will happen to them?

I also loved the letter about the crow funeral. That definitely happens, and I am so glad you printed that letter.

Even with the expansion of Woodinville-Bothell development, there are many wildlife stories to be shared. We are very rich in indigenous wildlife, and learning to live with nature is one of the blessings our residents have to both enjoy and contend with. They were here first, of course, and I feel lucky to be able to enjoy all wild creatures. Thank you for including them in your news coverage.
Wendy Walsh

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