Letters to the Editor - May 19, 2014

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I am a huge fan of Woodinville. I have lived here for almost 15 years. However, I do miss the Woodinville Farmers Market. Like many others, we forget it is open because it is tucked away and out of sight when you drive by on a Saturday afternoon. Have you considered moving it to the Park & Ride parking lot? I know it is not in the heart of downtown Woodinville, but look at it this way. Parking will be very ample because the parking lot is usually filled during the weekday. There will be more space for vendors to use. It is very noticeable for many to see. Plus, you will have bus riders to enjoy the market. Just a thought.
Cathleen Gustafson

When casting your ballot this election, vote to re-elect State Senator Andy Hill. As an experienced legislator who values fiscal responsibility, education, and jobs, Mr. Hill should be given a second term.

Senator Andy Hill values fiscal responsibility. Being balanced for four years, his budget had bipartisan support. The budget kept taxes down, yet did not raise tuition for public universities.

Education is a top priority to the senator. His last budget designated an additional nearly $1 billion to be spent on basic education and allocated $1.5 million for technology and computer courses that would be free to the public. Senator Hill also sponsored Senate Bill 5881, which would require two-thirds of new state revenue to be spent on education.

Senator Hill desires to create jobs, not just temporary government-produced jobs during projects such as road construction. By lowering taxes, Mr. Hill seeks to cultivate a business friendly environment and grow the economy.

The senator’s experience will benefit him and us in the next term. Having already served a four-year term, he knows how to pass effective legislation. As the chair of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, Mr. Hill was the Senate’s chief writer of Washington state’s most recent budget. A former program manager at Microsoft, he was the first senator who requested viewing budget documents on a spreadsheet in order to experiment with the numbers.
Endorsed by several prominent figures in Washington state politics, Senator Andy Hill has proven himself to be a successful leader in the Senate. Former state attorney general Rob McKenna and former state senator and Senate Ways and Means Committee chair Dino Rossi have given Mr. Hill their endorsement. He is also endorsed by Woodinville mayor Bernie Talmas and Duvall mayor Will Ibershof.

Let’s continue the positive changes made to Washington state. A balanced budget, an environment that encourages job creation, and making education a priority are goals that both Republicans and Democrats should seek to attain.

Support Andy Hill by writing letters to newspapers, by waving signs, and perhaps by making a donation. Most importantly, vote for him this August.
Grace Deng

I am replying to Frank Sanger’s letter about a possible new scam on the phone, concerning one’s computer. He has taken the time to let us know this possibility and I thank him. As a daily reader of The New York Times, I’m aware of their continuing health section pointed toward older readers. The human brain mutates over time to the point where older and elderly people are more vulnerable to scams than at earlier ages. We think we grow wiser with time and perhaps we do, but there is this one area in which we are growing less aware, possibly even less assertive — towards possible scammers. I repeat this to myself everyday ... I am older, wiser, and more vulnerable to scams. I have to face it. Another factor which draws the elderly into answering a phone call is just plain loneliness. Please, if you don’t know the person, hang up quickly.

I first used computers in the early 70’s, and took classes once in a while. At the present, if I hadn’t kept up through the years, I would be calling a computer fixer every week. Even these people are not omniscient, as the last one I had in left a dangerous virus in his wake. Spending time fixing my computer makes me feel stupid, but having to pay $100 for each service call even stupider. With all the updates, and all the malware that hides in the C:\Program Files, even knowing where your Control Panel is located is not enough. I am sure that older readers may be turning away from computers because it’s hard to learn new things, new scams and viruses, and the frustration of not being able to uninstall programs, not to mention all the parasitic programs that come along now, with a download you may wish to install.
I hope others will continue this discussion, possibly pointing out that with a phone call to the right parties, you may get help in virtual reality from someone who can take over your computer at a distance and fix it.
Nancy Snyder

I read, with great interest, Thor Skeel’s article on panhandlers. I have always passed them, thinking, “Why don’t they at least try to get a job at AM/PM or 7-11, bagging groceries or getting carts at a store?” or as the author said, “They would just use my money for drugs.”
This article gave me a new perspective on what those men and women really do with the cash. I still wonder why they don’t try for a job at those places first as they stand for long periods of time anyway. And they must have some kind of transportation as they get to the street corners. Safeway, for one, is really good about hiring people with physical problems.
Chris Martin

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