Letters to the Editor - Jan. 12, 2015

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Recently in the news the President is looking for federal funding to equip all police nationwide with video cameras. Video is inexpensive and transparent. It offers the viewer a front-row seat. You can view federal, county or city government on TV anytime you desire. Video is now the norm, available on every cell phone in the world.

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Letters to the Editor - Jan. 5, 2015

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NSD Later Start Time

The NSD recently emailed to the community a list of questions relating to later start times for high school students. With over 5,000 responses the results were overwhelmingly in favor of later start times. This is a pivotal moment for the NSD and school board. PALS (Parent Advocates for a Later Start) is now hoping that the board will in earnest take what the community, parents, non-parents and teaching staff have voted for and move forward with later start times. There will be a board study session Jan. 13 from 1 to 4 p.m. to discuss later start times and a board meeting straight after at the NSD offices in Bothell. If you are interested please attend if you can.
A. Whelan

Letter to the Editor - Dec. 29, 2014

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Woodinville-Duvall Road Construction

To the Woodinville City Council:
So can someone answer the question as to why didn’t the so called construction company, Stan Palmer, finish paving the balance of the road at Mack corner for the winter as they said they would do. Tonight in a driving rainstorm I almost got into an accident as I had to swerve to miss a pothole that was about a foot deep. Fortunately I was able to get around it but someone up ahead of me wasn’t so lucky and popped a tire and possible bent a rim.  I noticed they had put down the reflective dots in that area so I can only assume they weren’t going to pave that area… why? And now there are huge potholes yet again.

This has been the worst project I have seen produced in all my 30 years on the Eastside and I am saddened that the Woodinville Council hasn’t taken the initiative to demand better progress.  They don’t work evenings or weekends (except for maybe 2 that I can remember) and during the fall they would start just as the schools were starting and had no concern for traffic flow during the busy hours. Now I read in the Woodinville Weekly that we have to put up with more in the spring. What a joke?

I wonder how many auto claims have been put through to insurance companies due to the lack of responsibility of Stan Palmer to maintain a safe road. I can’t be the only person emailing the City Council and would hope that they are listening and would take the public comments to heart.
Barry Glenn

Letters to the Editor - Dec. 22, 2014

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Thanks so much to Susan Boundy-Sanders for stepping up to the plate and exposing the culprit behind the “Ethical” political messages. You are a real hero, for standing up for open information in elections.

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Letters to the Editor - Dec. 15, 2014

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Whilst reading the article about the Woodinville-Duvall widening update, I decided I wanted to comment about the topic. The road widening has been going on for close to nine months and was said to wrap up at around 14 months, when the initial date of completion was eight months. I understand that weather can affect the ability of the construction workers to fulfill their job, but the road sometimes, in perfect weather, seems to not be at full capacity of workers. This might be due to timing of what is being worked on at the road or caused by miscommunication of the workers and work times. No matter the reason, it seems a little ridiculous that the project went from eight months’ expected completion to 14 months.

Although now as they have ended summer they have been increasing the speed of their work. They have put up walls, finished sidewalks and paved half of the road, which makes me very happy, because they seem to be getting all the work finished. As someone who needs to travel the road every day, and sometimes several times a day, it is a relief to be seeing major progress and seeing such nice work being done. Hopefully they will finish sooner than what is expected.
James Petry


In reading the Woodinville Weekly’s Dec. 1 article regarding a permit application for a gun club near Woodinville, I was disappointed that the deadline for public comments was also Dec. 1.
Maybe if the Securite Gun Club developers had returned the reporter’s request for comments the article would have appeared sooner and provided even more information.

I would welcome a well-run shooting range that would also provide affordable instruction for the general public on safe gun handling/use. It would be a good business enterprise for our area as well as give families the opportunity to learn about and experience one of our constitutional rights, to keep and bear arms.

Young ones are naturally curious about what they see as so-called entertainment or hear adults talking about. It seems like the days when Dad or Grandpa could take them out to the back forty and plink at soda cans under strict supervision with common sense talk about the sanctity of life and what guns are for are becoming distant memories in some locales.

Personally, I would rather live in a community where trained gun owners who understand the appropriate use of weapons in hunting and self-defense outnumber those who would choose to prey on a helpless citizenry. And during the hunting seasons when some of my friends and family are out in the woods, it would be nice to know that a far larger number of new hunters have been able to get expert instruction before heading out.

Hopefully, Securite Gun Club will not be totally focused on exclusive luxury memberships but will also serve the need for classes with range use at a cost the general public can afford.
Melinda Scott


My thanks to the Woodinville Weekly for publishing a story on Lucy DeYoung’s hearing before the Washington Public Disclosure Commission, which fined her for her activities as “Ethical Woodinville” in the 2013 Woodinville City Council campaign.

The hearing lasted only about 25 minutes, but the concerns of the PDC were clear. DeYoung’s prolonged concealment of her identity, failure to report her spending, and attempts to frame her personal attacks as issue advocacy were unacceptable.

It appears that, when Ms. DeYoung is subject to the same expectations the rest of us, she doesn’t measure up well.

I dream of a day when every entity in Woodinville — including the city, utilities and service districts, Chamber of Commerce and Heritage Society — are run for the benefit of the entire community.
Susan Boundy-Sanders