Letters to the Editor - June 26, 2017

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Thank  you  for  the   coverage of the Inglemoor High School PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Assn.) Voter Registration Drive.  We’ve had some amazing things happen since the event although I’d like to ask for a simple correction for the article.

Inglemoor High School PTSA put on the Voter Registration Drive Event: We developed our project through our PTSA, worked with getting approval through the school district, building principle, then voted in the project unanimously. 

We hosted LWV (League of Women Voters), they were our guest.  It was our responsibility to get all the approvals, background checks   done,  ensure,   publish, market, handle printing and all other matters associated with running on-campus activities.

We credit our PTSA for developing and sponsoring this new family and community outreach opportunity with the support of Principal Vicki Sherwood, our Superintendent Dr. Reid, and School Board Dir. David Cogan. Without their support and encouragement, this couldn't have taken place.

Corina Pfeil
IHS PTSA Project Coordinator

Bears are back in Woodinville

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From a reader...

Bears 2

Bears 1

We just want to be sure everyone appreciates that black bears are roaming W’ville neighborhoods now. Below are pics of a large mother with two cubs trying to eat from a bird feeder on our deck about 6 feet from where we were sitting in the house. Hollywood Hill, 2 pm, Sat June 17, 2017. A knock on the window sent the 3 bears ambling away slowly to woods behind the house (or to someone else’s yard!). This bear has visited our house several times, usually at night, but today in mid-day with the cubs. With her cubs in tow she could be potentially dangerous in an unexpected encounter with people. Be careful!

Bill Couser/Adrienne Cox

Letter to the Editor - June 12, 2017

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Two wires touched off a 4-alarm fire in my parents' house tonight. They're okay. The house can and will be repaired. We're a bit shaken, yet fine. My reason for this post is not self-pity, my reason is gratitude for KINDNESS. Kindness from the fire and paramedic trucks (there were at least 12) who carried firefighters strapped with 50 pounds of oxygen into smoke. The same ones who demurred with open smiles and, "just doing my job" when thanked. KINDNESS from Matt who spotted the fire early on and heroically leapt on the smoking roof with a hose. KINDNESS from Christine, the volunteer chaplain, who greeted my running through dark air and flashing lights with, "Your parents are fine" and then talked us through the events of the night. KINDNESS from the fire inspector who efficiently determined the cause and the captain who helped collect toothbrushes. KINDNESS from the foreman (who had been working on the roof today), who stood in the dark to assure my father, “we'll get your home back for you.” KINDNESS from the firefighters who even now watch and will put out any fire that dares to re-kindle tonight + keep my little gray cat safe. KINDNESS from neighbors who offered help. And a special KINDNESS from the neighbors we don't know well, who brought a cart full of drinks and chairs, waited, then cleared bedrooms for us to sleep, and reminded us to charge phones and move tomorrow's early meetings.

So easy. Is it not? To forget that the world is composed of kind people. Thank you to all of those that I cannot personally thank. We shall not forget your kindness while you saved my parents' lives, treasures and home.
Laura Drumm

Letters to the Editor - June 5, 2017

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The statement in a recent letter to the editor  that Mayor Talmas and Councilmember Boundy-Sanders committed election violations is false.

When I ran for re-election four years ago a shockingly offensive series of mailers attacking my character was sent by an anonymous person under the name “ethical Woodinville.” An investigation by the state Public Disclosure Commission identified and charged the person behind the mailers. That person was fined by the Commission for election violations. There were no election violations by Councilmember Boundy-Sanders or myself and we were both re-elected.

Bernie Talmas

Letters to the Editor - May 29, 2017

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I would like to clarify a statement I made in my May 22 Letter to the Editor.  Mayor Talmas and Council Member Boundy-Sanders have never been found guilty nor fined by the Public Disclosure Commission. 
Rachel Best-Campbell

Editor’s Note
In reference to above, we mistakenly published Rachel Best-Campbell letter in it’s entirety that included accusations of election violations that were untrue.  We apologize for this error and in future publications will be upholding our internal policy to publish only letters to the editor that are in good taste and not accusatory in nature.


The Woodinville Heritage Society would like to thank Woodinville’s Boy Scout Troop 422 for their help in the spring cleaning of the Heritage Museum front yard on May 21.  The scouts (Luke Fasciano, Kyle Hale, Evan Hudson and Austin Pierce) and parents (Jim Fasciano, Mei Hale, Bill Pierce, Lori and Neil Hudson) cleaned the vinyl fence with scrub brushes and spread six yards of top soil throughout the flower beds.  The front yard is now ready to greet visitors all summer.
Woodinville Heritage Society