Letters to the Editor - March 31, 2014

  • Written by Readers


When I read Paula Water’s editorial about the likelihood of reducing PSE’s use of coal, I gave a cheer. The following week, I was saddened to see another person solely focused on the cost of the power. We HAVE TO BE better stewards of the earth! When we talk about expensive energy: coal, oil, and gas are ALL expensive resources. All a person has to do is open up this month’s National Geographic Magazine to get visuals of the impact of coal. The collection and processing are expensive to the people and natural resources near the source and the output- health costs and environmental impacts. All power is expensive in one form or another. We are lucky to live in the northwest where we have inexpensive hydro-power which STILL has negative impacts. In Woodinville, so full of NIMBY activity , we should ask ourselves if we would want coal mines, fracking, or oil wells in our back yard. I think that we all know the answer!
We have amazing resources in our home town and the surrounding landscape that provides major potential to be self- sustaining and resilient. There is no need to grow our dependence on big oil or gigantic industrial coal plants. There are other options: solar panels on industrial buildings and wind generators are merely the tip of the iceberg. Better yet, get a full energy audit from PSE for FREE and reduce your use — THAT will reduce your cost AND SO many other local and global impacts!
Stephanie Young

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Letters to the Editor - March 24, 2014

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When Ethical Woodinville began circulating literature about Mayor Talmas, it angered people because many of the statements made about the Mayor were blatantly false. We tend to forgive some campaign rhetoric as being self-serving, one-sided or biased. Normally, putting your name to campaign literature helps to keep comments within acceptable limits. Ethical Woodinville took extraordinary efforts to hide the identity of people behind some very vicious, and in my opinion, slanderous commentary presented to Woodinville voters. Anonymity allowed an election to be influenced by money and lies that could not be traced to an individual. Campaign spending limits were ignored, reporting was not done and the political process was compromised.

Months after the Woodinville council election was over, the Public Disclosure Commission published information that shows Lucy DeYoung is personally responsible for accusing Mayor Talmas of being a Peeping Tom, of having operatives spying on a council member’s home and of trespassing. These allegations are lies. For a former Mayor and prominent citizen like Lucy DeYoung to masquerade as Ethical Woodinville, hiding behind the scenes, making a mockery of campaign laws, and spending thousands of unreported dollars trying to unseat a political candidate in this manner is wrong, really wrong. The Public Disclosure Commission is responsible for disciplinary action against Lucy DeYoung, but the damage done to the reputation of Mayor Talmas cannot be erased.

Lucy DeYoung is a defendant in a federal lawsuit regarding her dealings with Frontier Bank. Lucy has failed to follow campaign reporting regulations. Lucy’s anonymous comments about our Mayor were ethically and morally wrong. Is this the type of behavior we should expect from a community leader?
Dale Knapinski


I received several messages of support from my 3/3/14 editorial. Many asked if Ms.DelBene had responded. Yes, her office did a cut and paste of Wikipedia’s “Executive Orders” description. And to M. Wallace, your editorial rebuttal was also very similar to Wikipedia. I only wish that you had argued the issue vs. the tired old excuse of what Bush did/did not do during his term.
For anyone that is concerned/confused about what is going on, let me give you a simple and specific explanation so that you can do your own homework and gain the knowledge you need to monitor your government, and president. First, it doesn’t matter if Obama uses an executive order, action, directive, or privilege – he has used them all to do whatever he wants regardless of the law. To quote Professor Turley of George Washington University Law School, “The problem with what the president is doing is that he’s not simply posing a danger to the constitutional system; he is becoming the very danger the Constitution was designed to avoid: that is, the concentration of power in any single branch.”

Obama is no longer upholding his constitutional oath to faithfully execute the law. As he continues his pledge to “fundamentally transform America,” we are losing our checks and balances among the three branches of government. We no longer teach this in our public schools, but we DO have three distinct branches of government and the concept of separation of power is specified in the first three articles of our constitution. For much of our history, this balance has been maintained. But no more; Obama and his Senate are ceding power to the executive branch and the balance has shifted in a dangerous way.

Whether you consider the lawless implementation of Obamacare, IRS intimidation, illegal spying by the NSA or the lost lives in Benghazi, the list of Obama’s illegal actions is staggering. This president rules through an unchecked bureaucracy which Professor Turley refers to as “this rising fourth branch.” There is no greater danger to us as citizens, and our liberty, than his continued illegal actions.
Patty Franklin

Letters to the Editor - March 10, 2014

  • Written by Readers

It is unfortunate that the government official, Parks Director Tom Teigen, continues to make many misleading and false statements about his plans and actions.

I feel it is essential to continue to call him on that. Ms. Stewart was generous when she said Teigen makes “a lot of statements that are only half true.”

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Letters to the Editor - March 3rd, 2014

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I was very disappointed in the recent article The Woodinville Weekly did on the City Council’s public hearing on Wellington Hills Park. A large number of people spoke against the Snohomish County Parks Department proposal to change Wellington Hills Park into a Regional Sports Complex.  In general, people were concerned over the very real issues of traffic congestion on local roads, noise, light pollution, loss of natural habitat, public safety, lack of any input into the park’s design as required and loss of the quality of life that’s associated with living in Woodinville.    
 The fact is:  the director of Snohomish County’s parks was not at the public hearing yet he was quoted in the article.  The terrible misconception is the things he said were sound bytes, clichés, half truths or totally unsubstantiated and condescending generalities.

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Letters to the Editor - Feb. 24, 2014

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We wanted to pass along a heartfelt thanks to the Northshore community for your strong support of the school district’s recent bond and levy measures. 

Our committee was proud to work on behalf of our students and schools.

While we hope the information you received was helpful, we know you cast your ballot in support of our teachers and staff who care and make learning a priority. 

Buildings that are well maintained and an administration that is fiscally sound. Northshore can be proud of its community and schools.

Mike Sharadin and B-Z Davis, levy/bond co-chairs


Good news about clean energy in Woodinville! 

Puget Sound Energy’s 20-year plan to provide 30 percent of the power it sells to us Eastsiders by continuing to burn coal at its aging Montana coal plant was recently rebuffed by Washington’s Utilities and Transportation Commission.

As a volunteer for the Sierra Club’s Coal-Free PSE campaign, I was happy to hear that PSE will have to take the true costs of coal – on our health and our environment – into consideration in its planning.

PSE will need to rethink its 20-year plan and move to replace coal with energy efficiency and wind and solar power, which will create jobs, a clean energy economy, and a sustainable future for us, our children, and our children’s children – good news indeed.

Paula Waters, Woodinville