Opinion: Roundabout at Zante Farm

  • Written by Tom Quigley

Addressed to Woodinville City Council December 6, 2016

I want to share my thoughts and concerns regarding the new roundabout being constructed on NE 171st Street. So many people, including King County staff and many of you, are surprised, if not outraged, by the intrusion into prime farmland on the historically significant Zante farm.

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Letters to the Editor - 12/05/16

  • Written by Guests

Bothell Mosque

You are misinforming and doing your readership a disservice when you print biased fake news. In your front page article about the Bothell mosque, you state “… , a presidential candidate riding to office partly on a pledge to create a registry for Muslims, …”.

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Letters to the Editor - 11/28/16

  • Written by Guest

Woodinville High Letters of Intent
Congratulations to the Woodinville students who will be continuing their athletic careers in college. However, it should be pointed out that Manhattanville College is NCAA Division 3, not Division 1.

Murlin Varner

Letters to the Editor - 11/21/16

  • Written by Guest


City Engineering and the Public Safety commission have independently identified key gaps in the safety of kids walking to school. Yet the mayor has only offered pandering discussion of a 6 year plan.  I’m sure it will make the elementary students feel better that their days of dodging of cars will only last into high school. Seriously with a budget surplus sufficient to create a real-estate slush-fund there is no reason not to accelerate the work now.

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Letters to the Editor - 11/07/16

  • Written by Guest


I was back East for more than a month, partly to participate in my 55th High School Reunion. When I got home I found that I had missed the end of the Tomato Season.  

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