Letters to the Editor - 9/19/16

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City Council & Salmon Sculpture

Mr. Bauer’s claim that City Manager Buchanan and the City Council are homophobic certainly was not proved in his recent letter.

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Letters to the Editor - 9/12/16

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Woodinville Fish Sculpture & City Council

I am responding to the letter from Alexander S. Bauer “City Council and Homophobia”. I just moved back to Western Washington and was struck by the beauty of the Fish Sculpture. It is an incredible piece of Art. We are so lucky to have it at the gateway entrance to our little town, is what I thought each time I passed it. Then the “graffiti” started appearing, detracting from its beauty.  I realize this “graffiti” is to show support of various activities, sports, groups and sometimes cute. However, this is not Fremont, or Gum Alley, and putting graffiti on Art is unacceptable, defacing, and a dishonor to the Artist, not to mention Woodinville.  

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Letters to the Editor - 9/5/16

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I want to speak out in support of Mr. Cal Pygott, teacher at Bothell High School who has now admitted that the “attack by an unknown assailant” in May was really a suicide attempt.

I know that a lot of people are angered by his deception, but the fact is that mental illness and depression are widespread and it affects many people. No one is immune, not even public figures; this man needs our compassion and support more than anything.

It is easy (and sadly, very common) to rush to judgment in these cases and walk away from people when they need you the most. All this accomplishes is added pain, unspeakable shame, and unrelenting bitterness toward the person who walks away.

He was supposed to be a community leader; you trusted him; you feel betrayed; how could he ... Blah blah blah ...

NO!! Just STOP!!

The man is in pain. Soul-aching, heart-wrenching Pain, with a capital ‘P.’ He needs for us all to step away from our own self-centered reactions to what he did, and just accept that he is hurting. And since he is so desperately hurting, we need to help him, support him, (e.g. bring him food, etc. just like you would if he had cancer), pray for him, and do whatever we can to lift him up so that one day he can lift us up when it’s our turn, when we fall down. Because we will. We all do. And we all need each other.

Terry Barker


City Council and homophobia
After the decision was made to ban decorations on the Woodinville fish statue due to the pro-LGBTQ decorations in June I attempted to contact the city manager Brandon Buchanan and the members of the City Council. My hope was, as Buchanan specifically denied being homophobic, that he and the City Council would show their support of Woodinville’s LGBTQ community in another manner to show that our leadership is willing to look out for all citizens. Those attempts at contact have gone completely unanswered. No token political statements, no broad messages, nothing.  The only conclusion is that neither Buchanan nor the City Council support the LGBTQ community.  Let's clean out the City Council in the next election.

Alexander S. Bauer


Spend city funds on non-city issues?

When Snohomish County considered building a sports complex in our back yard, it certainly was Woodinville’s business. I can’t imagine what the impact would have been having a gigantic regional sports complex literally next door to our peaceful residential area.

What King County does affects us too, especially in the Sammamish Valley. The citizens of Woodinville would be the people affected most by development in the Valley, and the Woodinville Council was correct to respond.  

So when former councilmember Liz Aspen criticized the council for spending time dealing with issues beyond our borders, I flat out disagree. Liz suggested that the council spend time dealing with traffic, safety, and other LOCAL issues. Does she really think a regional sports complex and illegal commercialization of Sammamish Valley wouldn’t affect traffic and safety in Woodinville?
Preserve the Valley?

Two of the most active Woodinville neighborhood groups, the HHA and CNW, the Woodinville Chamber, and many local citizens, endorse the message the Woodinville Council sent to KC in Resolution 483. I can’t understand why King County officials would even consider supporting a plan to ignore codes, backtrack on years of preservation efforts, expand the tourist industry without considering traffic issues or road safety, and ignore the sensitive ecosystem the Sammamish River Valley provides as a backdrop to the existing legal businesses.

I conclude by saying that I support the Woodinville City Council for standing up for Woodinville citizens, because what our neighbors do affects us in a major way. I also hope the King County Council takes a hard look at the effect commercialization of the Sammamish Valley will have on area residents and the environment.

Dale Knapinski


I want to commend the crew working on the Little Bear Creek culvert replacement under NE 131st Ave, across the street from Dairy Queen. The steel plates covering the underground work have been expertly recessed so that there is essentially no bump as a car drives over them.

Since highway construction issues have become an accepted topic for letters to the editor over the past three years, I feel it is deserved to recognize quality work, and the crew working on this obviously knew what they were doing.  

This kind of attention to detail seems rare in public projects because it often goes unnoticed, but for us drivers used to driving into downtown Seattle where steel plates, potholes and rough roads are common, it stands out. Keep up the good work.  

Brendan Woodward
Hollywood Hill

Letters to the Editor - 8/29/16

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Response: Stop the spread of Zika through prevention and providing for the world’s poor.

With people traveling to and from areas where Zika is prevalent, it is possible that they can bring the illness with their return.

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Letters to the Editor - 8/22/16

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In the last few months residents of the Vineyards neighborhood, located near the intersection of 127th Pl NE and SR-202, have been actively opposing the development of a proposed Marriott Hotel near their homes. The site of the project would be on a small (0.75 acres or so) tract at the foot of 128th Pl NE where it joins SR-202 (Woodinville-Redmond Rd). The proposed five-story hotel would have more than 100 rooms and would severely aggravate the existing traffic congestion now affecting this important commercial intersection.

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