Letters to the Editor - 7/11/16

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

Alzheimer’s Advocacy Forum

Dear Editor:
Fellow Washingtonians who attended the recent Alzheimer’s Advocacy Forum in Washington, D.C., tell us it’s encouraging to know we are making progress in the fight against this disease and other dementias.

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Opinion: A great education for all of our kids

  • Written by Rep. John Lovick

Never before has education meant so much to so many.

The quality of the education given to our children will determine the fate of our local businesses, our state’s prosperity — and the lives of every one of our students.
Yet the children of today aren’t all getting the same opportunities for a great education.

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Letters to the Editor - 7/4/16

  • Written by Guest

Black Lives Matter

In Dick Monroe’s letter to the editor, his comments say more about WHITE PRIVILEGE than they do about whose lives matter. As a white man who grew up in N. Seattle and who went off to college in Washington State, I never had to worry about whether I would graduate from high school let alone university. I never had to worry about whether there would be someone (a role model) who looked like me in the front of the classroom. Most of my professors were just like me – white and male. I never had to worry about whether the clerks at my supermarket or department store would look at me differently because of my race. Black kids do. African Americans, Latin and Spanish American, Native American & First Nation kids do – all the time and in our community.  The Cottage Lake religious community is just trying to make us all aware that while most of us don’t have to worry about our kids’ safety every time they leave home, many of our neighbors do.  So, yes, BLACK LIVES MATTER needs to be out there and in our neighborhood.

Art Mabbott

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Letters to the Editor - 6/27/16

  • Written by Guest

Black Lives Matter Sign

I’d like to respond to Jim Willett’s letter in the Page 4, June 13th, 2016 Woodinville Weekly, regarding: “Black Lives Matter”. I agree totally with Mr. Willett’s assessment.

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Letters to the Editor - 6/20/16

  • Written by Guest


Dear Editor,

Your article on “Preventing Carprowls” (sic) published on June 13, 2016 provides valuable tips for protecting our vehicles when we park. This is an important subject since car prowls are a chronic problem in our area.

However, the article was confusing in that it gave information that was more appropriate for the city of Seattle and some erroneous local information.

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