Letters to the Editor - August 24, 2015

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

We recently purchased 2.98 acres in Wellington Hills with a home and beautiful one acre piece. It was our family dream to have the kids and grandchildren live in the established house and build a small rambler for us to retire. The perfect family complex close to town and multi-generational support.
It was a shock to learn that not only would we have to incur the cost to pave a 500 foot x 26 foot wide city road but also spend thousands on consultants for critical land use studies. This is a gravel city road today with three residents who have current access. But we have to pave 100 percent of the road.
Maybe only the wealthy can afford to develop an acre in Woodinville now. We are very sad that we will not be able to afford to call Woodinville home or make our dreams come true.
If you are reading this and thinking of building in Woodinville, do your homework or have very deep pockets.
I guess Woodinville is not for us.
Valerie Callahan

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Community effort makes Backpacks for Kids drive a success

  • Written by Northshore School District

School begins Sept. 2 in the Northshore School District, and thanks to an impressive community-wide effort, Northshore students will arrive ready to learn.

Through the generosity of our community, almost 1,200 students will start the school year with basic and necessary supplies. Northshore School District and the Northshore Schools Foundation express heartfelt appreciation to all who played a role in responding to every need during this year’s Backpacks for Kids campaign.

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Letters to the Editor - August 17, 2015

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

The Woodinville-Duvall Road is ostensibly finished, and what a joke. Traveling west the road banks so severely to the north (in the area approaching Mercury’s Coffee), and is so closed in by the hideous, over-landscaped median, that I feel like I am on a luge. With all the time and money, that area couldn’t have been graded more level? Traveling east the signs indicate right lane ends, merge left. WHAT? The right lane is straight through and the LEFT lane ends. I see people unfamiliar with this confusing mess shifting left, then right. Can Palmer Construction do ANYTHING correctly? What a laugh they must be having on the city council and people driving the road.
Lynn Parker, Woodinville

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Letters to the Editor - August 10, 2015

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff


Upon reviewing the City of Woodinville Summer 2015 City View mailing, I was reminded that upon completion of Phase 1 and Phase 2 of Woodin Creek Village, approximately 426 new residential units and an additional 50,000 square feet of commercial space will be added to Woodinville’s downtown district.

With the addition of 50,000 square feet of commercial space to downtown, certainly allowing 15,000 square feet for the addition of a Trader Joe’s or similar anchor store, still leaves an overabundance (35,000 square feet) for new, downtown commercial development.

Overabundance for sure. Drive around town and it’s easy to see many vacant commercial properties, both large and small. Many have been vacant for years. The City Council recently voted for smaller commercial spaces with none to exceed 10,000 square feet.

So here’s the questions: Would Woodinville citizens rather have a Trader Joe’s or similar anchor store with four to seven small adjacent business or five to 10 small businesses in the new retail space associated with Woodin Creek Village?

Sandra White


I’m writing in hopes of reducing confusion about the Woodinville City Council’s attitude toward Trader Joe’s.

I believe every council member, including me, has expressed their support for a Trader Joe’s in Woodinville.

However, that was not the issue we voted on.

The actual issue was this. In the fraction of downtown that we are trying to optimize for pedestrians, do we want to increase the size limit on grocery stores from the current 10,000 to 15,000 square feet?

The Council’s conversations around this vote did include Trader Joe’s as an example. But our vote was about our vision for the pedestrian-oriented section of our downtown, not whether Woodinville wants a Trader Joe’s.

In fact, the Trader Joe’s in Totem Lake Mall is 9,500 square feet. Clearly, the current size limit of 10,000 square feet would not exclude Trader Joe’s. And the rest of our downtown has size limits that are much higher.

Many Woodinville storefronts have turned over since Trader Joe’s entered the Puget Sound market. They have had, and will continue to have, many opportunities to locate in Woodinville. And if they choose to do so, they will be welcome here.

Susan Boundy-Sanders


Five years ago, Clean Planet answered customer requests from Clean Planet Car Wash patrons to expand our automated car wash services into more comprehensive automotive detailing and paint correction services.

I threw myself into the art, determined to become the best detailer in the area!

Thanks to you, our loyal and trusting patrons, we have been successful beyond expectations!
That commitment afforded me the opportunity to train with the country’s foremost detailing and paint correction specialist, and I went on to get my Master-level automotive detailer certification with a specialization in restoring classic automotive paint. It landed me a spot on the coveted Air Force One Detailing Team for the past two years.

I can tell you, however, that when it comes to detailing and restoring a vehicle back to showroom condition, whether it is well-maintained or aging and sagging in all the wrong places … it is a precision business that takes a lot of time!

As I am getting a little older and saggier myself, Clean Planet Detailing has become a little more than I care to handle in terms of time commitment and volume. Gabriel, my right-hand, and Jon, my lead technician, are too often overwhelmed with the time and attention detailing consumes.

As many of our customers already know, Kate and I are involved in several other business ventures, and because of these factors, we have decided to phase out our Clean Planet Detailing shop over the next 90 days. This in no way affects Clean Planet Car Wash; in fact, much of our newfound time will go towards continuing to improve and grow Clean Planet Car Wash for our patrons!

The detailing shop remains open, taking appointments and honoring gift certificates through Oct. 31. If you have not redeemed gift certificates in that time, we will refund your money.
Before closing our doors, we intend to provide all of our customers with a new and exciting detailing alternative, and you will be hearing more about that over the next three months.

Again, this phasing out of Clean Planet Detailing does not affect Clean Planet Car Wash!

Craig MacKay
Owner, Clean Planet

Letters to the Editor - August 3, 2015

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

I love that Dan Berger, owner of a wine tasting room located on agriculture land, justified his use by saying, “it’s pretty meaningless given we’re a few hundred feet outside the city limits.”
Is that zoning-law speak for being a little bit pregnant?
The wine district is restricted to a very specific area to prevent the sort of “creep” that is apparently happening. Buying a few alpacas won’t change that unless you’re planning on converting your wine tasting room to a business that only sells Alpaca Fiber Wine Bottle Cozies.
Denise Anderson

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