Letters to the Editor - March 16, 2015

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Who was the “brilliant” person who decided to remove two green left turn arrows at 168th and Woodinville-Duvall Road, also known as Mack’s Corner? This is a very busy road. And replace them with a blinking amber arrow? No sense at all.
I would encourage everyone with a question to call the city of Woodinville at 425-489-2700 and tell them your concerns.
Pauline L. Thompson, Woodinville


The night of NSD’s 2017 Draft Boundary Proposal Open House will go down in the books as a win for all involved! The collaborative event, which took place on March 2 at Woodmoor Elementary, focused on all of the Spanish-speaking families in the district, making it distinct from several others in the previous month.

The school board members and superintendent went out of their way to make sure that the Latino community was not only informed of the changes coming to the district in the not-so-distant future, but that their voices and opinions were heard as well. They started by setting aside a specific date for an all-Spanish language Open House. Then they asked for input from Natural Leaders as to how to make it a success.

School Board President Janet Quinn called Spanish-speaking families before the mid-winter break so that they had plenty of notice. They were then provided with reminder calls. Families were invited to a pizza dinner before the open house.

The district worked with the YMCA to coordinate and provide childcare. Parents were free to go into the gym and listen to a presentation by Superintendent Larry Francois with the help of an interpreter.

Over 100 parents attended, the greatest turnout of the five events hosted by the district. Natural Leaders were on hand to help make everyone feel welcome. Many parents were hearing of the changes for the first time that night. They were given the opportunity to ask questions both in the large group and individually after the presentation. Multiple interpreters were on site to make sure that language would not be a barrier to asking questions.

The topic of waivers proved to be of great interest to parents, as well as the issue of transportation. Many families brought up the later start time, expressing their concern that both their children’s well-being and their own work schedules could be negatively impacted. Organizers handed out input forms and attendees filled them out that very night, helping the district get a sense of the opinions and concerns of the Latino community in the Northshore District.
Elizabeth Meza, Woodinville

Letters to the Editor - March 9, 2015

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I heard about NSD agreeing to change the high school start time, but not for two years, in order to make there be less hassle in planning due to the new school. That’s the year right after I graduate. My peers and I wouldn’t get to benefit from starting school later, and would still have to force ourselves to get up in the mornings. The school board needs to make the effort to change the start time for the 2015-16 school year, so that my peers and I can benefit.  

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Letters to the Editor - March 2, 2015

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The idea for a new sports complex where the Wellington Hills Golf Course used to be is not something I am looking forward too, and neither are other local residents. The plans to create this will cause unnecessary noise and pollution.

The creation of this new complex needs to be stopped. Other locals, not just I, do not want to see the increase in lighting during off hours when people are just waking up and going to bed, and the noise from sports and transportation that are associated with the creation of such a sports complex. Also, don’t get confused; creating this complex will take plenty of noisy machinery to make the fields and parking lots. No one wants to see dump trucks taking over their roads anytime soon and tearing up the old golf course right next to so many of our homes.

Please do not continue with your plans to create this sports complex. It will cause residents to resent where they live now and quite possibly lower their property values. This field represents a corporate need to create more profit through the renting out of its services. I do not want to see this happen. There are already enough sports complexes and fields in Woodinville. We do not need another. It is just going to upset the environment and locals in the area. Stop the creating of a Safeco Field-sized sports park in the middle of a rural neighborhood!

Max Winter

Letters to the Editor - Feb. 23, 2015

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Beware a tax wolf in sheep’s clothing! So aptly referred to as Jay Inslee’s “scheme” because that’s what cap and trade is — a tax and control scheme. Generating funds for education and transportation is a red herring. This scheme is about raising taxes and building a brand spanking new state ECO-IRS like agency, as an expansion or new arm of the Department of Ecology.

This new agency will set the “caps” (TAX), control the “trades,” they will enforce, monitor, investigate (alleged violations), litigate cases, and this bureaucracy will grow and grow. By their own admission, this isn’t limited to big time polluters, it includes a general market, that could include anyone. What does ”anyone” mean? Individuals?

This cap and trade agency will grow in its size and complexity so that it will make a Rube Goldberg contraption look streamlined. As stated, “the specifics of Inslee’s proposed cap and trade program have yet to be fully outlined.” This reminds me of the “pass the bill so you can see what’s it” statement. I read nothing about growing the economy or promoting free market. How is this designed to keep and attract companies to Washington?

Cap and trade sounds so innocuous. Don’t be fooled, this is a tax and control system that will ultimately do nothing good for the environment — it will scorch the earth.

Bruce Heekin, Woodinville


Hello to all Leota area dog lovers. I would like to remind you to be considerate and pick up after your pet. It is the right thing to do for your neighbors and the environment. It is also the law. Thank you.  

S. Hamer, Woodinville


Fifty shades of green. That is what can be seen while walking amongst the evergreen trees and shrubs in Wellington Park. And now the buds of new leaves and blossoms are beginning to present, adding their various hues. Soon wildflowers will be springing forth with their contrasting colors, beckoning the birds to join them. It’s a welcoming open space to explore, a jewel, nestled in a neighborhood setting.
NeighborsToSave continues to advocate to preserve these rolling hills from being bulldozed and covered with artificial turf and asphalt. Visit the park through the photos on our website and join in on websites www.neighborstosave, Facebook, and Twitter

Vicki Marshall, Woodinville


It was with great sadness that I was informed of the passing of Hal Larson (of McCorry’s) last Monday. Over the past 25 years, it was my pleasure to call him friend. During that time, I know of no other person who practiced the golden rule as well as he did. He treated everyone with respect and would help anyone.

He enjoyed and supported his community as as exhibited by his involvement with the Woodinville Theatre and as a Parks and Recreation Commissioner for the City of Woodinville.

It has been my experience that the character of the community is comprised of its citizens. The community of Woodinville has taken a hit with Hal’s passing. Good friends are hard to find and greatly missed when they pass. To the family and employees of McCorry’s, thank you for sharing Hal with us. We share in your grief.
Paul O. Cowles

Letters to the Editor - Feb. 16, 2015

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To all those families who have children in the music program within the school district, we would like to say that if you have heard that this program will be cut or is in jeopardy because of later starts this is just not true. First of all music is considered to be a core activity. We have attended all the study sessions and board meetings and we can honestly say that the school board is fully aware of how important this program is to the district. Other school districts all over the country have moved to later starts and have kept or increased attendance to their music programs.
What we should be doing is supporting each other. NSD Transportation needs time to work on the needs of all the programs and come up with the best possible option that will be acceptable while still fulfilling the task of moving to later starts for nearly 6,000 high school students. Yes, it will be easier in 2017, but it is not impossible to move times later for the next school year. PALS are doing this for every child in the school system because every child will go to high school. And every child deserves the best possible chance to succeed.
A. Whelan
W. Reynolds


Do you know anyone that was sick this past year and didn’t get better even though they took prescribed antibiotics? This is something that everyone should be concerned about. The misuse of antibiotics on factory farms over the years has affected the food we eat and water we drink and can actually make us sicker. Food and Water Watch is a group of concerned citizens that is working to ensure the food, water and fish we consume are safe, accessible and sustainable.
They are working to collect signatures in our area to petition local City Councils to ask Senator Patty Murray to support the “Prevention of Antibiotics Resistance Act” in the United States Senate. If you see a signature gatherer in our area please sign the petition. For more information go to their website at Thank you!
Susan Milke