Letters to the Editor - October 6, 2014

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You have a golden opportunity to improve the health of dogs. Join Morris Animal Foundation’s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. This is a groundbreaking effort to learn how to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer and other diseases. This is the largest and longest observational study ever undertaken to improve the health of dogs. The study will enroll up to 3,000 golden retrievers and will last 10 to 14 years.

Register at To be eligible for enrollment, dogs must be healthy, purebred golden retrievers. They must have a verifiable three-generation pedigree. They must be under two years of age.

In 2011, our golden retriever was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, a cancer of blood vessels. Since humans don’t get this cancer, very little research was being done. We were able to enjoy a few months with our sweet boy before cancer ended his life.

It is always difficult to lose a beloved pet but it is especially hard when you realize that cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs, and golden retrievers have a higher risk of developing cancer than most dogs. It is estimated that more than half of all golden retrievers will die of cancer. This is why goldens were selected for the first Canine Lifetime Health Study. The information collected will improve the health of all dogs!

A few months after losing our golden to cancer, we got a puppy to help fill the hole in our hearts. We enrolled the pup in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study and it has been very rewarding knowing that we are helping dogs while raising and enjoying our loving companion.

Morris Animal Foundation is the global leader in supporting research that advances veterinary medicine. Learn more at

If you want to support Morris Animal Foundation’s groundbreaking study, become a volunteer. Find out more at

It is a wonderful thing to be able to make a valuable contribution to the future health of all dogs!
Norma Miller


To the young driver of the older bright blue Audi going 80-100 m.p.h on 168th Avenue NE (top of Hollywood Hill) on last Sunday afternoon — shame on you. If you had had to stop for another car, a pet or, god forbid, a child you could have never done it in time. You recklessly sped past the pipeline trail so fast that other cars going the opposite direction of you stopped to comment on it. I was walking my three dogs on the side of the road, thankfully on the grass and not the street as I sometimes do. You probably live on Hollywood Hill and are aware that many bikers, walkers, horses and dogs cross 168th to continue on the pipeline. You could have easily hit someone and going that fast I am sure you would have killed anything that crossed your path.   

Hopefully, your parents will read this and take your car away from you before you kill someone or yourself.  
Joyce Gress

Letters to the Editor - September 29, 2014

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Like many of us in this community, I’ve had kids in the public school system and really value having high quality schools for my children. In following state politics for the last several years I’m very impressed with the work that Andy Hill is doing in Olympia.


Letters to the Editor - September 8, 2014

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Congratulations once again to the Woodinville Chamber of Commerce, the City of Woodinville and to all of the business partners on a fantastic Celebrate Woodinville Festival. And a BIG thank you to Precor for their partnership and generosity with the Woodinville Leadership Challenge. Without their donation of exercise equipment for the day and a piece of equipment for a raffle we would not have raised nearly $2,000 for Woodinville Storehouse Food Bank and the YMCA food program. It was very gratifying to see elected officials, commissioners, city staff and businesses come together to support our local community in a meaningful way, and have a great time exercising in public no less.

Thank you to our participants:
Andy Hill — Washington state Senator 45th District
Les Rubstello — Woodinville City Council
James Evans — Woodinville City Council
Paulette Bauman — former Woodinville City Council
Rick Chatterton — president, Woodinville Heritage Society
Mark Wiitala — Planning Commissioner
Kevin Stadler — Planning Commissioner
Brad Walker — Parks & Recreation Commissioner
Lucy DeYoung — Ideal Office Suites
Gib Aspen — Experian
Darlene Jones — former PTSA president

Also, a big thank you to our major donors:
Joel Hussey
Andy Hill
Fairwinds Brittany Park
North Creek Self Storage
Robb Anderson — Northwest Trophies
McLendon Hardware
Rhonda Greer — Windermere Realty
Tami and Dave Lyons — Lyons Ski School
Les Rubstello
Gib Aspen
Lucy DeYoung
Rick Chatterton
Jennifer Kuhn
Roy Ghazimorad
Dennis Lone
Liz Aspen

Letters to the Editor - September 1, 2014

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I was shocked to find, on my way to work in Monroe, that a fence has been installed that makes it very dangerous to enter Woodinville-Duvall Road from 160th Ave. NE. The black fence slats blended together into a solid wall right when I was next to make the turn onto the busy road. I know there will be a light there sometime in November but that won’t help now during rush hour traffic and will still make it dicey to turn right on a red light, in the future.

I, like so many, have a compact car. In the early morning there is no way I can see if cars going east are hidden behind this obstruction. And the fence is not completely installed yet, as it will wrap around the corner. Only trucks and buses appear above the fence and then their turn signals are obscured. When the bike lane is installed, I fear for the bicycle rider who doesn’t realize he can’t be seen.

This is a hazardous situation that must be corrected, especially when the speed limit is raised back to 35 m.p.h. and drivers go 40 - 45 m.p.h. trying to get through the light. Until something is done, I’ll be adding to my commute by going down into Woodinville and back up the hill to head north.
Wendy Wartes


Traffic conditions in Woodinville: Have you noticed how bad traffic is around Woodinville, especially in the last couple of years? It seems things have gone from bad to worse! The light at the corner of 132nd Avenue and NE 180th Street is a mess! It seems out of sync, barely allowing one or two cars coming from NE 180th Street to make a left onto 132nd Avenue. Also, there is a red right turn arrow signal that confuses drivers, especially the ones that don’t live in the area, causing more and more delays.

As school is just around the corner, I don’t see this situation getting any better. One of the big problems I see is lack of sync with the stop lights in the area. If I recall properly, we lost power in Woodinville some time ago and it seems that the lights have been out of sync ever since.

I believe this situation needs to be brought up for discussion with the planning commission/transportation department here at City Hall to find a solution to it.
Jorge Martinez


Do you know a former Woodinville High School student serving in the military? Woodinville High School Football needs your help! We are looking for the names of former Woodinville High School students who have served, or are serving, in the military.

We would like to recognize these former Falcons at Military Appreciation Night, during our home opener against Redmond High School on Sept. 19. The game starts at 7 p.m. at Pop Keeney Stadium. Come early for pregame activities. We’ll have fun activities, military vehicles and personnel, and a great pre-game show performed by the Falcon band, in honor of our military. Vets get in free as the Falcons Gridiron is proud to sponsor their tickets for the night.
For more information and to submit military service member names, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please include full name and military branch served.
Lisa Foshee


It’s 2014, and the Internet is alive and well. Folks these days use it for shopping, social outlets, news and more. Print media, whether it be magazines or newspapers, such as the Seattle Times, have been steadily declining in circulation. And thus the Woodinville Weekly has thinned as it has adjusted to the current times. Do we really need a local newspaper? That reports local events? Supported by local advertisers and distributed via mail free to all local residents? I say YES!

The Woodinville Weekly is a local icon and part of the Woodinville culture. Carol Edwards, past publisher, was a huge part of this community and cared deeply about it. Having been a small business owner in Woodinville for years, I totally support and encourage all to use this local resource to advertise and learn more about the city in which you live. I ask ALL businesses in Woodinville to consider the Woodinville Weekly as an advertising media and to support our local newspaper.
Brad Warter

Letters to the Editor - August 25, 2014

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I want to send a huge thank you and note of appreciation to the lady near the top on Hollywood Hill on the Tolt Pipeline at the gate. She has the most beautiful garden and it is always a pleasure walking by to see what is blooming. More importantly, she puts out a huge tub of water for dogs and horses. She shades it with a beach umbrella and it is the most welcome oasis for our poor, thirsty dogs on these hot summer days. We can walk farther knowing they will get a drink along the way.

Many, many thanks for her thoughtfulness.
Arianne Burnham