Walking in Woodinville - August 8, 2011

  • Written by Karin Hopper
aa_AspenHave you noticed? Have you walked around downtown? Have you driven by the sports fields and the old schoolhouse? Things are looking brighter. The schoolhouse is starting to look like a welcoming beacon to a "downtown" Woodinville.

The stairs have been scraped of over five years of moss. The bushes have been trimmed to resemble nicely landscaped shrubs as opposed to overgrown ChiaTM pets. And there are beautiful flower pots flanking the front steps.

All of this work is not an orchestrated volunteer effort of rehabilitation for downtown, or the city trying to instill pride in its historic buildings, it is the work of a beautiful ginger haired public official who feels it is a shame to let our few historic buildings be dragged down by neglect and disrepair. She asked permission from the Woodinville Parks Department to take on this task and requested that she not get any of the recognition, and that she is doing this because this is Woodinville’s welcome sign and she wants people to feel welcome.

So, when you are walking in "Woodinville" and you see someone picking up that piece of trash or pulling that pesky weed, please thank them and think to yourself what can I do to make "Walking in Woodinville" more enjoyable for all.

What do you see when you are walking in Woodinville?

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