Barking Frog Mobile Kitchen makes a house call

  • Written by Karin Hopper, Control Freak

You would think “excited” would be the only emotion when you found out you won a private in-home party for 20 from Barking Frog Mobile Kitchen (BFMK). Yes, I was excited, and then the fear set in.

The first fear, who was I going to invite? The second, how was I going to handle someone else planning, and cooking for one of my parties?

Barking Frog 1Dylan Herrik, Linda Moe and Ashley Smith from inside the “Road Toad.” (Photo by Mike Hopper)The first fear was probably the most well-founded. I couldn’t invite everyone, so I would alienate someone. In actuality, it was even harder, as only 16 friends could be invited (four of the 20 would be me and my family).

The second fear, although probably the silliest, seemed to be the hardest for me to overcome. I am not only a self-proclaimed “food snob,” but I am also a little bit of a control freak. (Publisher’s note: a lot.) Although it took major self-restraint for me not to try to take control, I will have to say that Jessica Padilla of BFMK and her team eased me in to the other side of the entertaining world. I was only a host. I did not have to wear the planner, designer, chef and bottle washer hats. By the way, not being a “bottle washer” was by far the easiest to overcome.

The BFMK team showed up one hour prior to the event, and with the precision of a fine tuned automobile, set up everything. The displayed appetizers were not only presented for the stomach, but also for the eyes. They included a wide assortment of gourmet cheeses, dried fruit, nuts, gourmet breads and crackers, as well as marinated vegetables, hummus, tyrosalata, tzatziki, olive bread, dolmades and homemade pita chips.

Barking Frog 2 4cThe party went on a field trip to the driveway for a group picture. (Photo by Ashley Smith) With the nice spring weather, the bar was set up on the back covered porch. The guests started to arrive and were ushered to the porch for Mark Ryan wines. Ashley Smith was the perfect bartender. She took care of everyone and their needs, going above and beyond to make sure everyone had exactly what they needed or wanted.
As everyone started getting liquid nourishment, it was time for the first person to break the barrier and make a plate from the displayed appetizers. As no one wanted to ruin the beauty of the displays, I felt I would be the guilty party. It didn’t take long for people to see my plate and know the food portion of the party was starting.
We started to create little conversational seated groups, and low and behold, without the need to even stand up the passed appetizers started coming to us. After the first round, Linda Moe knew her clientele and brought each one of us our favorites (and knew our names). The prawns were the first victims. Or should I say the famous Barking Frog Grand Marnier prawns. In case you were wondering, no, you never get tired of them.

Then the lamb chorizo sliders, duck confit and wild mushroom tartlets each made their rounds. We hardly saw Jessica as she was in the truck most of the night, and we didn’t see chef Dylan Herrik at all, but they were doing some voodoo magic out in that truck — the voodoo tasted real good.

All of a sudden, a new fear came over me. I thought to myself, I can never invite any of these 16 people ever again to my house. They will expect this wonderful service and phenomenal food. With this thought, I realized, I will just need to find new friends.

*The party was a result of a recent Facebook contest. Go “Like” them in case another one comes up!

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