Town’s doctors serving Northshore families for over three decades

  • Written by Shannon Michael

Today, Woodinville Pediatrics’ ten pediatricians and two registered nurse practitioners (ARNP) have about 45,000 active patients in their system, serving children from all over the Eastside and as far out as Monroe and beyond.

IMG 3111Pediatrician Dr. Mitch Weinberg, left, stands beside Dr. Richard Mauseth, who founded Woodinville Pediatrics in 1979. They, along with podiatrist Dr. Roderick Moore, not shown, have served Northshore families for over 30 years in their Woodinville-based clinics. (Photo by Shannon Michael)That’s a stark contrast to when Dr. Richard Mauseth first opened the doors with just himself and one medical assistant. He founded Woodinville Pediatrics in a business park just south of the town’s main street on March 3, 1979, becoming the only doctor in Woodinville. Living in the Woodinville area, he saw the need for a local pediatric doctor.

It was so slow in the beginning, he recalled with a laugh that, “I had been talking to the mom of a patient so long, that she asked if she could leave. I had no one to talk to!”

He built up his business by reaching out to area obstetricians, the local breastfeeding support group La Leche League, school nurses, ER doctors, and high risk referrals for his specialty in working with children with diabetes. Mauseth figures he’s worked with over 400 children with diabetes over the course of his career.

Within a few years, more doctors joined Mauseth in town, including podiatrist Dr. Roderick Moore, who was encouraged by one of the original primary care physicians in town to consider Woodinville to open a private practice. Moore became the first foot and ankle specialist in town when he opened in August 1983.

“Woodinville was a growing city for my profession and a perfect location to raise our family,” Moore wrote by email.

“The business people in Woodinville have always been very friendly and helpful whether it was with obtaining our first business loan, to [Woodinville Weekly Publisher] Carol Edwards working with advertising. We started with no patients, but were growing very soon,” Moore recalled.

When Mauseth began practicing pediatrics in Woodinville, none of the area hospitals offered emergency care for children. All children were referred to Children’s Hospital for emergency services, so Mauseth starting providing some emergency procedures. Sometimes, he would see patients up until 11 p.m.

And, when he wasn’t seeing patients in his office in Woodinville, he was making rounds at up to six local hospitals.

When Mauseth began offering those services for ill children, the Eastside hospitals’ emergency room doctors and nurses started feeling more comfortable serving children.

By bringing on doctors like Dr. Mitch Weinberg in 1984, who had trained at Seattle Children’s Hospital, Woodinville Pediatrics was able to provide a wider ranging amount of care to what had previously been an underserved community. Eventually, Woodinville Pediatrics outgrew its space and moved to its present location in 1992 where the practice has continued to grow.

“Our practice has incorporated all of the exciting new advances in pediatric medicine over the last 30 years. We now offer immunizations that prevent many life threatening infections that we used to have to try and treat, and we have the tools to treat many infections and diseases as outpatient that we used to have to routinely admit and care for in the hospital setting,” Weinberg wrote by email.

In fact, eight of the 10 pediatricians now on staff at Woodinville Pediatrics have trained at Seattle Children’s Hospital, according to Mauseth.

As the doctors’ careers have progressed, they’ve seen more therapeutic services open locally. Today, Northshore families have local access to providers specializing in neurology, occupational and physical therapy, speech therapy, podiatry, family medicine and more.

All three doctors seemed to share the same favorite part of the job — serving the community long enough that they’ve been able to enjoy serving the second generation of local families. “After 30 years I now enjoy the fact that 20 percent of my patients are second generation at Woodinville Pediatrics!” Dr. Weinberg wrote.

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