Bothell man tests tech that could mean freedom for dialysis patients

  • Written by Emily Hamann

Researchers and doctors are working on medical technology that could mean freedom for people with kidney failure. And a man from Bothell was one of the first patients to try it out.

The kidneys’ job is to filter blood. If a person’s kidneys don’t work anymore, they have go into a medical center for dialysis, where they get hooked up to a giant machine that filters their blood for them.

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Veterans Day at Brittany Park

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

On Veterans Day, Fairwinds-Brittany Park in Woodinville provided a lively and informative musical presentation by local band Jazzbestos. Veterans at Brittany Park then gathered for a group photo. (Courtesy photo)

Fairwinds Brittany Park Veterans 2015

Woodinville shelter gives women and their babies a fresh start

  • Written by Emily Hamann

A fence and trees separate the big house from the road. The front garden has a path that winds through the trees to the wide front porch, a pack of strollers gathered in one corner. Inside, soft carpet and cozy couches greet visitors.

To the women who come here, from off the street, or living in their cars, it’s like an oasis. For them, and their babies.
Special Delivery is a ministry of Overlake Christian Church. It’s a housing program for young pregnant women who are experiencing homelessness.

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