‘Beauty and the Beast’ to be WHS theatre company’s biggest musical production

  • Written by Kirsten Abel, Features Writer

With 61 actors, 19 band members, and at least 15 students in the crew, Woodinville High School’s spring musical, “Beauty and the Beast,” is its most substantial production yet.

The show, which will run six performances starting on April 27, includes over 20 set changes and hundreds of costumes that, with the exception of a few hoop skirts, were made entirely in-house.

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The Making of a Beautiful Friendship

  • Written by Sandra Lee

How do you make a great town even better? Dedicate every day to creating a friendlier, more helpful place with fun and recreation around every corner. That’s the goal behind the new Woodinville Visitor Center. Opened in August of 2016, the Visitor Center serves to invite and guide visitors through our community, helping them make the most of our people, our businesses, our natural surroundings, and the nearly endless menu of experiences they offer.

With an abundance of wineries, eateries, breweries and bike paths that would make any town envious, it would be easy for Woodinville to sit back and wait for visitors to roll in. Which is a textbook strategy for mediocrity and decline. So Woodinville Wine Country, Visit Woodinville and the Woodinville Chamber have made it our mission to do for the Woodinville experience what our wineries have done for Washington wine: make it world-class. But we need your help.

By becoming a Friend of Woodinville Visitor Center supporter, you’ll help expand and enhance our experience so that every Visitor Center interaction becomes a memorable one. Your donation will allow us to bolster our staff and volunteer training, build interactive displays of local attractions, and develop programming that spotlights Woodinville’s unique mix of places, personalities and activities.
Food, wine, shopping, recreation—Woodinville has nearly everything it takes to be a one-of-a-kind experience. The only thing it needs is you. Join the Friends of Woodinville Visitor Center, and help create a community and destination that are greater than the sum of our parts. Please join the Friends of Woodinville at or read more about the partnership at

Sips for Sight: a nonprofit uses wine tasting to help give free glasses to kids

  • Written by Kirsten Abel, Features Writer

Violet Anderson was born with total bilateral congenital cataracts, a condition that clouds the eye’s lenses and causes partial or complete blindness. If not for an early diagnosis and two sight-saving surgeries, Violet would still be blind today.

“Violet’s vision isn’t perfect, but it is definitely functional,” Jen Anderson, Violet’s mother, said. “For everything that a regular 6-year-old wants and needs to do, she does pretty well.”

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