Nature’s logging machines in Woodinville

  • Written by Dianna Westall, Special to the Weekly

Clyde and Java logging with Wes Gustafson

Photos by Dianna Westall

The vision of a team of enormous draft horses pulling a log down a field may hearken back to days gone by, but it may be more modern than you think. A sizable movement is underway toward more environmentally sound forest management practices called “modern horse logging” or  “restorative forestry.”"

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A Game for the Books

  • Written by Ruth P. Samuelson

Filling up the days of the week at retirement communities can sometimes present a problem. Not so at the senior community where I live. Many and varied activities are available every day and week, in fact, some of the time it’s a matter of which appeals most in order to choose.
Exercise classes are numerous and varied, as are crafts, art, writing, brain games and games just for fun.

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