Woodinville woman becomes oldest person to throw first pitch in MLB

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

Evelyn Jones1 7-11-15 108th Birthday pitch108-year-old Evelyn Jones of Woodinville threw the first pitch at a recent Mariners game. (Photo courtesy of Ben VanHouten)Woodinville resident Evelyn Jones was a huge hit at a recent Mariners game. For her 108th birthday she had a wish come true! Jones threw out the ceremonial first pitch to Felix Hernandez for the game against the Los Angeles Angels. Jones’ family, including four great-great-grandchildren, cheered her on, while several members of her family accompanied her to the mound. Hernandez caught the ball and promptly autographed it for Jones. She then asked him for a hug and a win. Both of those wishes also came true that day!

Before the event, she celebrated with a large party at Fairwinds-Brittany Park Retirement Community. She was then whisked off for the game at Safeco Field.

Jones is now the oldest person to throw out a ceremonial first pitch at a baseball game in the MLB. The previous record holder was 105 years old.

New bakery puts love into each loaf

  • Written by Emily Hamann

Just after 5 a.m., the sun is just starting to peek up from the horizon, but out in the warehouse district, Proven Bread is bustling with activity. In the corner, the behemoth bread oven is cranking away. A fan whirs on the floor next to the open bay door, so the oven doesn’t make the entire warehouse unbearably hot. Every few minutes, a timer goes off.
In the back, Alexis Carson is working on the white bread. With practiced hands, she cuts pieces off a big batch of dough, forming round loaves. She works quickly; this has to go into the oven now for it to be ready in time.  
Carson has been making bread for 12 years. She started in Northern California, where she got a job at a bakery to pay her way through school while she attended Humboldt State University. She graduated, but kept working at the bakery.
“I did anthropology,” she said, “then I realized three years later I was still doing bread.” She moved to Washington, and worked at Le Rêve Bakery and Cafe Besalu in Seattle.

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Lawmakers agree affordable housing is only part of the solution for seniors

  • Written by Dan Aznoff

The One Night Count conducted last January that surveyed the homeless population in King County revealed that more than one quarter of the 6,400 homeless people huddled in shelters for protection from the cold were senior citizens.
The elderly population among the homeless on the Eastside has continued to grow in the past decade primarily due to a lack of affordable housing, said State Representative Tana Senn (D-41). Senn said she will continue her fight to provide affordable housing to what she describes as “the most vulnerable members of our society.”

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21 Questions: What to ask an investment advisor

  • Written by JEFF OTIS

While most investors want to avoid advisers with hidden fees and conflicts of interest, I’ve learned very few know how to actually uncover them. After nearly a decade in the wealth management business, I’ve learned the questions to ask if you are looking for straight answers. This list of questions for your investment adviser can help give you clarity and an even deeper level of confidence of who to work with.

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