Woodinville celebrates Pioneer History on Memorial Day

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

On Memorial Day, Monday, May 30, Woodinville’s history was brought to life at the Woodinville Cemetery. Visitors enjoyed sunny weather as they met actors performing as area pioneers and heard their stories of love, sorrow, sacrifice and hard work that united families and built a strong community.

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Kenmore Kitty B&B boards cats in luxury

  • Written by Kirsten Abel, Features Writer

Susie and Larry Ormbrek dedicated two rooms of their Kenmore house to the Kitty B&B, a bed and breakfast for feline guests now in its fifth year of operation.

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Local roaster Fofcee offers organic custom coffee

  • Written by Kirsten Abel, Features Writer

When Kevin McCalmon started Fofcee two years ago, he was roasting coffee beans for customers with a one-pound coffee roaster in his house. “I had to completely wall off my garage to make it a USDA facility,” McCalmon said. “That didn’t make my wife very happy.”

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WHS finishes at top of international DECA conference

  • Written by Kirsten Abel, Features Writer

At this year’s International Career Development Conference in Nashville, Woodinville High School finished with more top ten finalists than any other school. Woodinville’s 23 finalists competed against nearly 13,000 other students from about 3,500 different high schools.

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Pints for a cause: local brewery fights ALS

  • Written by Tom James, News Writer

Organizer hopes for big hurrah next week – with cast from Deadliest Catch

Along with foamy flavor, patrons at one Woodinville brewery had another reason to feel good about their drinks Tuesday night: some of the money was going to fight ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Saying he was “thrilled” with the turnout so far, Michael Miller said the fundraising push would continue for at least two more weeks.

Miller helped organize the event, part of a series of Tuesday ALS nights at Triplehorn, a Woodinville brewery. Mostly, Miller said, that meant bringing together the brewery owners and the Dwyer family. Sean Dwyer is the captain of the Brenna A. on the Discovery show The Deadliest Catch. Dwyer’s mom, Jennifer, is active in fighting ALS.

The fundraising series started at the beginning of May, whch is ALS awareness month, and runs at least through the middle of June. One dollar from every pint sold between 8:30 and 10 at the events goes to ALS research, Miller said. Every Tuesday also features a showing of the previous and most recent episodes of Deadliest Catch, back-to-back, and usually an appearance from one or more of the stars of the show.

Also known by its technical name, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, the disease causes a progressive weakening of the muscles. There’s no cure, and except in cases where the disease is inherited, doctors don’t know what causes it.

The proceeds from the event go to the ALS Therapy Development Institute, a Boston nonprofit that works exclusively to find a cure or treatment for the disease.

So far, Miller said, the events have raised just shy of $1,500 altogether. Even though the events last only about an hour and a half at the brewery perched at the top of a hilly industrial park outside of downtown, each one has raised about $350. While that’s less than some involved had hoped for, Miller said, he was happy to see a crowd that he estimated at around 40 people coming out to a Tuesday-night event.

Deadliest Catch

Last Tuesday, Sean Dwyer showed up for the screening. He hadn’t seen the latest episode, which the cast doesn’t help to edit, he said.

“It was fun,” Dwyer said after the event. “The guys at Triplehorn are super cool.”

Dwyer, who had a family member affected by the disease, has a special connection to the event, Miller said, so connecting him with the fundraiser seemed like a natural fit, especially since he is a Kenmore native.

Miller said he’s working to organize “a major blowout” for the fundraising drive for Tuesday, June 8, with Dwyer and other cast members from the show in attendance, including possibly colorful characters like a captain known as “Wild Bill.”

After this Tuesday, Miller said, most of the captains from the show will be heading for Alaska for the coming fishing season, although the viewing parties and fundraising may continue.