The end of the trail

  • Written by Denny Redman, special to the Weekly and Valley View

For 40 years Duvall Books has easily been the cultural high point of Duvall with a wide sweep of loyal fans from all over the region and beyond. There were stories of people meeting other people in places like Egypt or Guatemala or Borneo who had all been and enjoyed a visit to Duvall Books.

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Woodinville area once had 12 pioneer schools

  • Written by Woodinville Heritage Society

Woodinville pioneers of 1881-1930 made sure their children were educated, even if it meant trudging through the woods to a log cabin or rowing down the slough to a one-room school. Teachers might be a housewife, a 16-year-old girl barely out of grammar school or an itinerant man picking up part-time jobs.

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Rainy morning at Cottage Lake

  • Written by Guest

Jeanmarie Shelton shoots photos at Cottage Lake almost every day of the year and captured this photo on a rainy morning last week.

“I shoot here almost every day of the year,” Shelton explained. “It gets very busy right after opening day of fishing season. Even at 7 a.m., in the rain, today was no exception. There were folks floating on little boats all over the lake and a couple more getting ready to get in their canoes.”

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