YMCA summer camps are a beacon for summer fun

  • Written by Derek Johnson

Andy Sharpe has fond memories of YMCA camps in his youth. Now 32 years old, the associate executive director of the Northshore YMCA loves seeing that same excitement in the faces of today’s kids.

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Chrysalis high school teacher retires after 50 years of teaching

  • Written by David Rollins Chrysalis Alumnus, Class of 2012

Teacher J.C. Kilmer officially retired from Chrysalis School in Woodinville on June 16, closing out a 50-year career in education. Broadly put, Kilmer taught English, history and social studies. More narrowly, however, he covered the great stories of humanity and the fictitious work we use to define our lives, he diagrammed out narrative structure and even delivered grammatical technique, all while maintaining a charisma second to none. He was gracious enough to take a few moments to sit down with me (a former student) on his last day.

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Local artist featured in NYC gallery

  • Written by Emily Hamann

Irina L. Johnson had lived in cities all her life. From Moscow to San Francisco, Sacramento and San Diego. Still, she always painted nature.

“The hectic nature of cities, there’s too much concrete and not enough green,” she said.

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Lifelong learning classes for summer

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

Living in a Global World. Why do you feel like a foreigner in your own country or town? Migration movements and transnationalism have created a situation where people of different cultural backgrounds are living side by side.

In this class you’ll learn about cross-cultural dynamics in cultures from South America to Africa. Tuesday, 1-2:30 p.m., June 30-July 21. Class is taught by Dr. Mary Schweitzer, a cultural anthropologist. Members $40. Nonmembers $80.

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