Kenmore~Cascade Canoe & Kayak athletes shine at Kenmore race

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

The Northwest canoe/kayak race circuit converged in Kenmore on Saturday, Oct. 25 to compete in the Kenmore~Cascade Canoe & Kayak Distance Race. Staged at the new Squire’s Landing Park, Kenmore~Cascade Canoe and Kayak Team kayaker Ben Karlinsey won the 10 Kilometer Under 18 Years Old Single Kayak event in a time of 52:51.95 and placed second overall. In the Under 16 Years Old 10 Kilometer Single Kayak event, Kenmore~Cascade’s Thomas Hughes placed second in a time of 1:11:46. Also from Kenmore~Cascade, Nora Davis placed third in Under 16 Single Kayak 10 Kilometer in a time of 1:17:05. In the Under 12 age group 5 kilometer events, Kenmore~Cascade’s Renee Ruan placed 1st in girls in a time of 47:33.00, while Ashby Bodine placed second at 40:25.51 in boys. In the Paracanoe events, Alana Nichols finished second in a time of 46:25.29. In Kayak Women Over 30 Years Old, Chris Gutierrez Flynn placed first in a time of 34:44.94, followed by Diana Hughes in a time of 39:19.35.

Kenmore~Cascade Head Coach Dan Henderson described the race results as, “a really good start for our new team. We look forward to new members joining us in the spring to build on this success.”

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Engineering meets education: Bringing computer scientists into high schools

  • Written by Emily Hamann

It is 7:20 a.m., first period at Woodinville High School. In one computer lab, about 30 students sit at tables, as Claudia Whitten stands at the front, going over the answers to a recent exam.

But this isn’t an ordinary class. These kids are learning Advanced Placement computer science, using the same curriculum and textbook as college students at the University of Washington. And Whitten isn’t an ordinary teacher; in fact, she’s not a teacher at all. She’s a software engineer at Microsoft, volunteering her time to teach programming to high school kids. When class is over, she’ll head over to her day job.

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Local woman celebrates 100th birthday

  • Written by Emily Hamann

Ruth Wiesen opens her mail on her couch with her two daughters, Beth and Catherine. Birthday cards already cover almost every flat surface in Wiesen’s bright, neat living room, and today’s box of mail is stacked with even more well wishes.

Last Monday, Ruth turned 100 years old. Her birthday party downstairs at Foundation House at Bothell had just ended, and it had been quite the celebration. There was a slideshow featuring pictures of her life, and one of the waiters in the dining room jumped out of a big cake.

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FAQs answered by local entrepreneur’s fast-growing company

  • Written by Emily Hamann

Say you’ve just bought the new iPhone, and you’re having trouble transferring all your stuff onto your new phone from your old phone. So you go to Google and search for your problem.

This is where Jason Kaufman’s company Irrevo steps in. Irrevo works with companies to make it easier for customers to find help with their products online, so they don’t have to call the company for help.

“The fewer calls that they get from customers the more money they save,” Kaufman said, “and the happier their customers are.”

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Local artist’s work featured on three TV shows

  • Written by Briana Gerdeman

One local artist’s work has made the jump from an Etsy store to TV, with her work soon to be featured in three TV shows.

Amy Lighthall, a Woodinville resident, has been making contemporary art for two years. She uses paint, pen, charcoal and other media, then scans those designs and edits them on the computer to make patterns.

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