Do something special with Dad for Father’s Day

  • Written by Shannon Michael

Quite a few dads might think the perfect gift for Father’s Day would be repayment for all the times they reached into their wallets to help you out with something you just had to have.

Whether it’s reaching into your wallet to pick up the tab for brunch or dinner or using your own gas money to take him on a special adventure to celebrate the day, the best way most dads would love to receive repayment would be just spending time with you! Here are some ideas to repay Dad in a very special way for Father’s Day.

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Worshippers from around the Pacific Northwest visit Bothell temple for prayer, community

  • Written by Briana Gerdeman

At the Hindu Temple and Cultural Center in Bothell, “openness” is the key word.
Mani Vadari, chairman of the temple’s Board of Trustees, said the leaders of the temple have two goals: “To be the cultural hub of the Hindus in greater Seattle. And then the second major objective is what we call the temple of temples. We want to be open to everybody. We will have a Jain temple here, we will have a Buddha temple in the other wing when we have room for it, we will have Sai Baba [an Indian saint], and so on.”

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What Can Vacations Teach You about Investing?

  • Written by Submitted by Tyson Farmer, Edward Jones

Summer is almost here — which means it’s officially vacation season. You may be looking forward to “getting away from it all,” but, as you know, vacations actually require a fair amount of planning. And it might surprise you to learn that some of the efforts required for successful vacations can impart some valuable lessons in other areas of your life — such as investing.

Here are some vacation-related moves that you may want to transfer to the investment and financial arenas:

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