Suburban soccer mom turned songstress considered for music award

  • Written by Emily Hamann

For decades Solveig Whittle was a Woodinville suburban soccer mom, working at Microsoft and other tech startups. Now she is pursuing her true passion: music.

“I just kinda had this light bulb moment that I’m really an artist,” Whittle said.

Now Whittle’s band Solveig & Stevie is nominated for a Hollywood Music in Media Award and is up for consideration for a Grammy. In December, they will find out if they made it through the next round of the voting process to be one of the handful of Grammy nominations in their category.

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Woodinville woman turns knitting passion into yarn business with help from little bro

  • Written by Emily Hamann

When it was time for Veronika Jobe to quit her job and pursue her passion, she turned to her family for help.
Her little brother Daniel Burda, who is studying business at Cascadia Community College, jumped at the chance to be her business partner.

They started YOTH Yarns, and in their first year, the business that started on Jobe’s stovetop in her kitchen has grown faster than she could have dreamed.

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Learn another language — without speaking or hearing a word

  • Written by Briana Gerdeman

Students in Jodene Anicello’s class at Cascadia College never hear her voice until the last day of the third quarter of class. When they finally hear their instructor speak, some students laugh or cry with surprise.

Anicello teaches three courses of American Sign Language (ASL) at Cascadia. She says her class has a fun, family-like environment, in which she acts and gestures to give students examples without using her voice — because hearing her speak would make the class too easy for students, she said. Students read what is expected from them on the syllabus, and Anicello has a volunteer assistant in the class to interpret and to act as a “voice cop” who makes sure students aren’t talking.

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Kenmore~Cascade Canoe & Kayak athletes shine at Kenmore race

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

The Northwest canoe/kayak race circuit converged in Kenmore on Saturday, Oct. 25 to compete in the Kenmore~Cascade Canoe & Kayak Distance Race. Staged at the new Squire’s Landing Park, Kenmore~Cascade Canoe and Kayak Team kayaker Ben Karlinsey won the 10 Kilometer Under 18 Years Old Single Kayak event in a time of 52:51.95 and placed second overall. In the Under 16 Years Old 10 Kilometer Single Kayak event, Kenmore~Cascade’s Thomas Hughes placed second in a time of 1:11:46. Also from Kenmore~Cascade, Nora Davis placed third in Under 16 Single Kayak 10 Kilometer in a time of 1:17:05. In the Under 12 age group 5 kilometer events, Kenmore~Cascade’s Renee Ruan placed 1st in girls in a time of 47:33.00, while Ashby Bodine placed second at 40:25.51 in boys. In the Paracanoe events, Alana Nichols finished second in a time of 46:25.29. In Kayak Women Over 30 Years Old, Chris Gutierrez Flynn placed first in a time of 34:44.94, followed by Diana Hughes in a time of 39:19.35.

Kenmore~Cascade Head Coach Dan Henderson described the race results as, “a really good start for our new team. We look forward to new members joining us in the spring to build on this success.”

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Engineering meets education: Bringing computer scientists into high schools

  • Written by Emily Hamann

It is 7:20 a.m., first period at Woodinville High School. In one computer lab, about 30 students sit at tables, as Claudia Whitten stands at the front, going over the answers to a recent exam.

But this isn’t an ordinary class. These kids are learning Advanced Placement computer science, using the same curriculum and textbook as college students at the University of Washington. And Whitten isn’t an ordinary teacher; in fact, she’s not a teacher at all. She’s a software engineer at Microsoft, volunteering her time to teach programming to high school kids. When class is over, she’ll head over to her day job.

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