Nature’s logging machines in Woodinville

  • Written by Dianna Westall, Special to the Weekly

Clyde and Java logging with Wes Gustafson

Photos by Dianna Westall

The vision of a team of enormous draft horses pulling a log down a field may hearken back to days gone by, but it may be more modern than you think. A sizable movement is underway toward more environmentally sound forest management practices called “modern horse logging” or  “restorative forestry.”"

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A Game for the Books

  • Written by Ruth P. Samuelson

Filling up the days of the week at retirement communities can sometimes present a problem. Not so at the senior community where I live. Many and varied activities are available every day and week, in fact, some of the time it’s a matter of which appeals most in order to choose.
Exercise classes are numerous and varied, as are crafts, art, writing, brain games and games just for fun.

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17th annual Backpacks for Kids produces over 1,500 backpacks for students in need

  • Written by Kirsten Abel, Features Writer

The scene at the Secondary Academy of Success gym in Bothell on August 15 was suggestive of the holiday season.  

The 17th annual Backpacks for Kids campaign was just wrapping up. Volunteers had filled 1,522 backpacks with school supplies to be delivered to the 33 schools and educational programs in the Northshore area. That’s 300 more backpacks than last year.

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