Riverview School District honors community organizer, talks budget numbers

  • Written by Tim Gruver

Budgets and awards were the two big subjects of discussion at the Riverview School District’s board of directors meeting on Tuesday, August 8.

Christi Irwin, a real estate broker of over 10 years and member of the Irwin Group, was named Duvall’s 2017 Community Service Award winner by the board that night.

Irwin, who has organized everything from Movies in the Park to the Easter Egg Hunt, has been at the forefront of all things Duvall for the past decade. She has been the frequent sponsor of the Riverview Education Foundation and Red Wolves Football Booster Club. Irwin’s daughter, Annalise, attends Duvall’s Cedarcrest High School. “It’s an honor,” Irwin said. “We don’t do it for the awards, but we love what we do, and the school is part of our business plan, doing things that some people see, some people don’t see.” Sabrina Parell congratulated Irwin, saying that she was an invaluable community member whose recognition was long overdue. “It’s all about the little things,” Parell said. “Sometimes they don’t get recognized like they should.”

Superintendent Dr. Anthony Smith shared Parell’s sentiments, saying that Irwin was an invaluable presence in the city. “She’s such a community pillar,” Smith said. “[Christi Irwin] is a true community contributor who positively impacts our students, staff and community.” 

The school’s 2017-2018 preliminary operating budget will further see revenues rise from  $37,332,880 to $40,574,063 – up 12.5 percent from the 2015-2016 school year. Expenditures, meanwhile, will rise from $37,332,880 to $40,563,558 – also up 12.5 percent up from last year. Under the $1.8 billion spending plan passed by the state Legislature in June, Riverview will reap some of the rewards in the coming school year in its K-12 sectors, which will see 3,331 full-time students and 60 Running Start students enrolling this fall. The funding hike follows a state Supreme Court decision on the embattled McCleary v Washington case, that decided that the state had not properly funded basic education. The Riverview School District will also add six more teachers in the 2017-2018 school year, for such subjects as science, math and Spanish. The district will also be adding on three more support specialists for student services, the business office and special education.

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