Start your fire service career as a volunteer firefighter

  • Written by Duvall Fire District 45

Duvall Fire recruiting volunteer emergency responders

The car had slid sideways off the road, hitting a telephone pole and trapping the driver inside. You cut the roof off the car, and then help to lift the patient out while protecting his neck and spine. As the patient is loaded into the medic unit for transport to Harborview Medical Center, you hear the beeping of your department pager. You look up at the rest of the crew as you put away the Jaws of Life and collect your bunker coat and helmet. What is it? Another car accident? An aid call? Fire? It doesn’t matter what it is; you are going and you are prepared. You are a volunteer firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with Duvall Fire, working a 12-hour night shift alongside experienced career and volunteer responders.  

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