Woodinville bans marijuana businesses inside city limits

  • Written by Briana Gerdeman, News Writer

The City Council voted 5-2 last week to prohibit marijuana businesses within Woodinville’s city limits, after a debate that focused on federal law versus state law and the best way to protect children from the drug.

During a public hearing, one person spoke in favor of marijuana businesses and one other spoke against them.

Andreas Kolshorn asked the council members to reconsider their stereotypes of marijuana.

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FBI seeks Montana fugitive in Washington state

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

The FBI Salt Lake City Division is looking for Kevin Anthony Briggs, who may be traveling through Washington state.

Briggs is wanted for state charges of aggravated assault, attempted sexual intercourse without consent, assault on a peace officer and escape. The FBI is now offering a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to the location and arrest of Kevin Anthony Briggs.

Authorities believe Briggs purchased a one-way bus ticket to Spokane, Wash., on February 1, 2014, from Missoula, Montana. Information developed during the investigation suggests he could travel through Washington state or to Oregon, California and/or Mexico.

The subject is considered ARMED and DANGEROUS.  Anyone with information as to the identity or whereabouts of this fugitive should refrain from approaching him and is urged to contact law enforcement immediately.

Details from Wanted Poster

Briggs probationAliases: Kevin Bacon, Kevin Briggs, Kevin A. Briggs, Aimee MacIntire, Timothy McCoy, James Meismer, James Zenon Meismer


Date(s) of birth used: January 17, 1986; January 13, 1986; January 18, 1986; April 30, 1989

Hair: Brown

Place of birth: Montana

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5’5" to 5’7"

Sex: Male

Weight: 120 to 150 pounds

Race: White

NCIC: W560247035 Nationality: American

Occupation: Briggs has previously worked at a hotel and as a laborer for a landscaping company.

Scars and Marks: Briggs has a sunburst tattoo around his right nipple, a tattoo in his armpit, and a tattoo on his lower lip. He has a double "snake bite" piercing on his bottom lip. He also has a bellybutton piercing and pierced ears.

Remarks: At the time of the incident, Briggs was a university student studying chemical engineering. Briggs may attempt to alter his appearance by growing out his hair and beard and dying his hair black. He was last seen wearing gray sweatpants, a dark-colored hooded jacket or parka, black shoes and a dark baseball cap.

Briggs may travel to Washington state, Oregon, California, and Mexico. He may be staying in homeless shelters while earning money to travel.


Kevin Anthony Briggs, a convicted felon and registered sex offender, is wanted for his alleged involvement in the assaults of a female and a police officer in Bozeman, Montana.

On the morning of February 1, 2014, a woman called the Bozeman Police Department to report an assault, and said that her attacker had attempted to strangle her before he left. Shortly thereafter police located Briggs, at which time he allegedly resisted arrest and hit an officer in the face. Upon transfer to the Law and Justice Center in Bozeman, Briggs escaped custody.

Late in the evening on February 1,  Briggs is believed to have traveled to Missoula, Montana, where he bought a one-way bus ticket to Spokane, Wash. He has not been seen since that time.

On February 7, 2014, a federal unlawful flight to avoid prosecution warrant was obtained in the United States District Court for the District of Montana, based on the state charges of aggravated assault, attempted sexual intercourse without consent, assault on a peace officer, and escape.

At the time of the incident, Briggs was on probation for previous convictions (in 2004) of sexual intercourse without consent, aggravated kidnapping, escape and burglary in Lewis and Clark County, Montana.

The FBI is offering a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to the location and arrest of Kevin Anthony Briggs.


If you have any information concerning this person, please contact your local FBI office or the nearest American Embassy or Consulate.

Bothell to celebrate annexations

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

The City of Bothell will host a celebration Thursday evening, February 27, to mark the beginning of the city’s service to approximately 6,000 new residents who are annexing into Bothell.  

The celebration will be an open house from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Northshore Public Health Center, 10808 NE 145th St., Bothell. There will be refreshments, and a brief program starting at 6:30.

Additionally, city staff will be available to answer questions and discuss services provided by the city for its newest citizens.

The effective date of the annexations is Friday, February 28.

The annexation process was initiated in February, 2010, in accordance with the state Growth Management Act, which establishes that cities are the most appropriate providers of urban services.  The nine annexations have been designated by city and county plans as part of Bothell’s logical service area since the mid-1990s. 

The nine annexation areas and estimated population numbers are as follows:

1. North Bloomberg Hill – 405

2. Hillside Estates – 39

3. South Norway Hill / NE 160th – 3,980

4. Magnolia Dairy / South Westhill – 1,195

5. North Westhill – 380

6. Westhill Island / North – 34

7. Westhill Island / East – 7

8. Westhill Island / South – 32

9. Maywood Island – 8


Woodinville Lacrosse provides for homeless at Camp Unity

  • Written by Gavin Molitor, Woodinville Lacrosse coach

Woodinville LacrosseThe varsity and junior varsity boys of the Woodinville Lacrosse program  provided a hearty dinner for the people of Camp Unity on Wednesday, Feb. 19, at the Woodinville Unitarian Universalist Church. The players also ran a blanket drive that same week to collect donations from students and staff at Woodinville High School.

Camp Unity is a local tent city group providing community and support for the homeless.

The tradition of providing a dinner for the homeless started last year as a preseason charity event to get the boys together for a team bonding experience that centered on giving something back to the community.

Of the 42 boys involved in the charity events, 38 attend Woodinville High School, one attends Archbishop Murphy, two attend Bellevue Christian and one is home-schooled. They were supported in their efforts to provide a hot meal for those in need by local businesses, specifically Woodinville Top Foods, Woodinville Panera Bread, Cottage Lake Safeway and Cottage Lake Dominos, each of which provided generous donations.

From Feb. 17 to 21, the student-athletes of Woodinville Lacrosse also found time to run a blanket drive at WHS, collecting 79 blankets that will be distributed to the 30 members of Camp Unity with additional blankets going to Snohomish Farm-Youth Outreach program and the Safe Housing Day Care for Domestic Violence in Bothell.


Courtesy Photo . Preparing to serve the meal, players left to right, front to back: Nicholas Christian (11), Christian Gibbons (10), Sean Campton (11), Jesse Brown (11), William Prostka (12), Michael Nicholas (11), Xander Kipp (12), Matthew Fletcher (11), Christian Berkey (11), Tanner Shepherd (11), Taylor Vastbinder (11), Thomas Cast (12) and Ethan Vastbinder (12).

Sir Plus to close after 18 years

  • Written by Shannon Michael, Features Writer

After 18 years of supplying Northshore customers with Army and Navy surplus supplies along with outdoor outfitting supplies, manager and co-owner Randy Jaffe is liquidating his Sir Plus store.

The store, located right by the train trestle overpass on 131st Avenue NE in downtown Woodinville, has been a fixture in the retail community.

But, according to Jaffe, his store is yet another brick-and-mortar business losing out to competition from the Internet.

"The Internet is a more efficient method of distributing widgets than a brick-and-mortar store," Jaffe said, explaining that even his vendors are selling items online without the extra expense of having a physical storefront.

Jaffe says it will take about six to eight weeks to liquidate the store. After the store closes he and his family, who co-own the property, are looking at options. They do have one potential buyer but no firm plans yet for the property.

When looking back at the store’s history, Jaffe said every Halloween was his favorite memory. "Halloweens were fun! It was a fun week each year!" he said.

Jaffe and his employees will miss their loyal customers. "We had a loyal customer base that supported us for 18 years. We are grateful for them," he said, adding, "but, I’m 61. It’s time for something new."