Police Beat - Dec. 12, 2011

  • Written by Compiled by Maggie Inahara from City of Woodinville Police Reports

Mall Malaise

Some people will go to incredible lengths to avoid shopping in the malls during the holiday season.

An excellent alternative is to shop locally to support your local retailer and community with the sales tax revenue.

Shopping in the 13900 block of NE 178th Place in particular, will support your local community.  One minor detail is that the aforementioned sales tax must be paid at time of purchase.

If you are seen skedaddling away with your three buddies in a getaway car with your undisturbed wallet snugly in its place, gift items in tow, one has to wonder about your sincerity of supporting your local retailer and community.

These four bad Santas were apprehended shortly after their shoplifting spree thanks to information provided to the Woodinville PD by alert loss prevention employees.

Apparently, these were equal opportunity grubstakers, as goods from multiple retailers were discovered and returned.

Our stingy Scrooges were fingerprinted and released pending misdemeanor theft charges. I know at least four local miscreants who can expect epic-sized lumps of coal in their Christmas stockings this year.

Hot Gifts

Not that you should ever look a gift horse in the mouth, but if you should happen to open up some gifts on Christmas morn’ resembling a slightly used purse, jackets and a child booster seat, there’s a slight chance they were lifted from a couple of vehicles in the 18400 block of Woodinville Snohomish Road.

Mr. Grinch left no other clues behind.

Even If It Is Nailed Down …

… enterprising thieves will find a way to liberate it and recycle it.

These heisters weren’t thinking “Green” in terms of recycling, though. The only green they were thinking about was the cold, hard kind from re-sale.

The lifted items included landscape lights and six copper caps from the patio heaters of a business at the 140000 block of NE 145th Street.

Re-gifting at its Worst

Combining the worst qualities of our bad Santas, recycled gift givers and Grinches, a daughter and her boyfriend absconded with her mother’s jewelry, one piece of which was subsequently located at a local pawn shop.  The items were apparently purloined to feed a very bad habit, which wasn’t shopaholicism. Looks like someone needs a serious New Year’s Resolution.

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