Police Beat - Sept. 23, 2013

  • Written by from City of Woodinville Police Reports


Two intoxicated males entered a Woodinville retail facility in an attempt to maintain their buzz by securing more alcohol.

They were, however, turned away. Indifferent to the opprobrium with which they were met and determined to stay sozzled, the men took two cases of beer and left the store without paying.

On the DUI front, police were alerted when an apparently inebriated driver pulled into a convenience store parking lot with the intent to purchase additional alcohol. The man was his own worst enemy, though, losing consciousness before he could get out of his vehicle. He was arrested and transported to a sort of sober living facility, which most of us refer to by the name "county jail."


A Woodinville resident’s open garage was ransacked this week. The drive-by thieves absconded with a tote bag, shoes and a purple quilt. The latter item in its distinctiveness may be difficult to return to the stream of unlawful commerce, unless Marie Schrader is the prospective buyer.

Elsewhere, a man who kept his distinctive mountain bike on his back patio had the bike removed from the patio’s care under the theory that thieves were able to make off with it by simply reaching over the man’s fence.

Last but not least, a generator and garage door remote controls were removed from an unoccupied residence. The burglars left the garage door open in their wake and took the real estate key box for good measure.

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