Police Beat - March 24, 2014

  • Written by City of Woodinville Police Dept.

LARCENY, APA +250 -17800 130 AV NE.
Unknown suspect(s) entered the victim’s vehicle and used the jack from the trunk to steal three tires and wheels off the vehicle. The vehicle was damaged during the theft.

Officers stopped a subject riding a bicycle for a minor infraction. He then became violent and attempted to assault the officers on the scene. The suspect resisted arrest and later kicked a hole in the wall of the detention room.

FRAUD, ALL OTHER – Various locations.
Four separate victims reported they had not yet filed their tax returns but they received information and letters from the IRS stating that unknown suspect(s) had used their name, address and SSN when filing a return without their knowledge or consent. IRS is investigating.

LARCENY, TFB-250 - 13600 NE 175 ST.
The victim reported her wallet stolen from her work locker and within hours her credit cards were used at several locations throughout the city. Video surveillance from the offense locations will be reviewed for suspect information.

THEFT, AUTO - 17800 140 AV NE.
The victim reported his pickup truck was stolen from the Woodinville Park and Ride.

LARCENY, NSC -250 -17300 145 AV NE.
The victim reported a delayed theft of his watch that was last seen on his dresser in his residence. Numerous people and workers had been in the residence during the loss time frame and suspects are unknown.

LARCENY, TFA +250 -174500 140 AV NE.
After giving an unknown female suspect a ride to a gas station, the victim noticed his cell phone had been stolen from the center console. The detective is reviewing video surveillance in this case.

LARCENY, TFB -250 -19700 144 AV NE.
Victims reported the theft of titles for two pieces of machinery that he was in the process of exporting out of the country. A possible suspect is known.

TRESPASS -17100 140 AV NE.
A male suspect broke the window of the church and was found sleeping on a couch. He was booked into jail. Microphones and the cash donation box were missing from inside.

ACCIDENT, D.U.I. -17500 BLK 131 AV NE.
Officers responded to a three car accident where one of the drivers appeared intoxicated. The driver was processed for DUI and then released pending charges.

LARCENY, TFA -250 -14200 NE 171 ST.
Unknown suspect(s) stole the rear license plate off the victim’s work vehicle.

LARCENY, S/L -250 -17600 GARDEN WY NE.
An unknown male was seen placing an alcoholic beverage into his stocking cap and running out of the store without paying.

Officers recovered an abandoned stolen vehicle reported by the Seattle Police Department.

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