Police Beat - Sept. 2, 2013

  • Written by by Maggie Inahara


Backpack? Check. Trail mix? Check. Dried fruit? Check. Sounds like a well-planned trip for some good ol’ fashioned backpacking out in the wilderness. The reality check was an un-planned and police-escorted  trip off the premises of a business in the 17600 block of Garden Way NE. Our hoodwinking hiker was caught packing up her camping supplies inside the business and starting the hike right then and there without the benefit of stopping at the cash register for the mandatory checkout or the trail reservation. If you wanna play, you gotta pay.


An aspiring pugilist spied a pair of boxing gloves in a truck in the 18800 block of 144th Avenue NE. You know the saying that locks only keep honest people out? This unlocked truck was no contest for keeping this contender away from his prize. Score this one a knockout.


Talk about getting beat at your own game: A victim reported her sunglasses and headphones stolen from her vehicle in the 18800 block of 144th Avenue NE. Sure enough, a quick check of Craigslist ads found the identical items advertised a couple of days later. Turning the tables on this Craigslist crook, she arranged a meet-up, feigning interest in purchasing the items. As soon as she had the items in hand, she informed the seller that she had no intention of paying for her own property.  Astonished at this revolting development, the 16-year-old male apologized and left. Police were unable to locate him.


A resident in the 19800 block of 156th Avenue NE found out the hard way that making entry into his home convenient for a contractor also made it commodious for a crook. Neither Ali Baba nor his 40 thieves needed a magical phrase to open the gateway to the house once they found the garage door opener which had been stashed for the contractor’s use. The treasures hauled away included electronics.

Police Beat - August 26, 2013

  • Written by Compiled from Woodinville Police Reports


It appears not everyone has the borderline OCD tendency to go back and double check that they have really and truly locked cars they have left in public parking lots. Hence, the consequences of failure to "secure" one’s vehicle — i.e., lock it — continue to plague Woodinville residents and visitors. In one case, where the victims’ cars showed "no signs of forced entry," creating the possibility of a failure to secure, among the missing items were a cell phone, USB charger, a key and a knife. Another vehicle, definitively unsecured, was ransacked, but nothing was missing, despite damage to the glove box.


Woodinville Police officers this week "stopped the driver of a vehicle that showed signs of intoxication." Strangely, it was the driver who was processed for driving under the influence rather than the miscreant vehicle with the audacity to go about in its inebriated state. One presumes, nevertheless, the human will be able to pin the blame on his ride, at least if his defense attorney is worth his salt. Cars these days!

Police Beat - August 19, 2013

  • Written by by Maggie Inahara


Have you ever visited a public restroom that was so fabulous you just wanted to hang out there all the time? A business in the 17600 block of Garden Way NE wasn’t buying this story and suspected a more dubious reason for this particular fellow’s frequent and prolonged visits to the comfort station. Upon questioning, our loo lounger admitted that he’s a fan of pharmaceuticals and was promptly trespassed from the premises. 


There are few things that rouse the ire of a hard working business man more than a couple of interlopers who choose to conduct their identical business in the same location. We’re not talking next door or even directly across the street — the competition set up shop on the exact same street corner! You know what they say: Location, location, location! And this particular location happens to be the primo panhandling post in all of Woodinville! The local panhandler reported that the two interlopers shot him with a bb gun in order to claim the disputed turf. However, officers could not find any injuries or evidence to suggest he was assaulted and could not locate any suspects. Hopefully, the rightful owner of this business venue won’t be decided by a showdown at the O.K. Corner.


I’d be looking for a caboose to break into — at least this was the story given to officers by three suspects who were seen trying to conceal sledge hammers under their shirts.  It wasn’t like they were up to anything nefarious, right? After admitting to their illegal intentions, the officers explored the possibility of something else up those sleeves besides sledge hammers. Sure enough, the subjects were found to be in possession of marijuana/paraphernalia that officers seized for disposal. Sounds like one wild caboose party was successfully scuttled.


Continuing on the theme of one bad turn deserving another, officers stopped a vehicle in traffic and arrested the driver for a suspended driver’s license and outstanding warrants. After a search of the driver’s car with consent, officers found several bags containing stolen mail identification and drug paraphernalia.  Sounds like this driver never played "Mother, may I?"

Police Beat - August 12, 2013

  • Written by Compiled from Woodinville Police Reports


The outcomes of two incidents this week hinge on the identification of suspects who, in one way or another, were distinctive enough to make their presence felt in a memorable way.

In the first, a Woodinville bartender discovered through the miracle of surveillance video that a frequent customer had been removing cash from the bartender’s purse.

Once the suspect is positively identified, charges will follow.

In a shoplifting case, two clever gentlemen absconded with groceries for which they neglected to pay.

Several witnesses provided descriptions of them as well as their vehicle, complete with license plate information.

Stay stealthy, criminal element!


A young male, described as "unsupervised," entered a Woodinville store where he asked to see "Magic" cards, which evidently have nothing to do with rabbits in hats, sawing people in half, or illusions of any sort. Painstaking research reveals that the cards for Magic "can be valuable due to their rarity and utility in gameplay."

Despite that sentence being self-evident and almost certainly written by an enthusiast, the game is so complex that it has won accolades from no less than MENSA in the past. I digress.

The unsupervised male, after inspecting the stock of cards and lacking any facility for misdirection, then fled the store with the cards and nary a puff of smoke.

Police Beat - August 5, 2013

  • Written by \Maggie Inahara

Same crime, different place and time: Two unlocked vans, one in the 14800 block of NE 195th Street and the other in the 18400 block of 151st Avenue NE, were entered and every man’s worst nightmare realized:  “Oh, no! Not my tools, man!”  
A plethora of tools now answer to new masters and assist in the home improvement projects of persons unknown. Lock ’em or lose ’em, guys!

Two locked cars proved to be no deterrent for a determined thief or thieves.  
The first in the 14200 block of NE 193rd Place, had a window forced open and a wallet stolen. The other car in the 18600 block of Woodinville-Snohomish Road had the window smashed out and a purse stolen from the front seat.
 Shortly after that theft was reported, Duvall PD arrested a person who was in possession of a purse that matched the description of the purse just stolen.  
Coincidentally, the ID and credit cards also matched the identity of the victim.  
Unfortunately, the suspect had wasted no time in making purchases with the purloined cards. Duvall PD is investigating with charges pending.

A motorcycle rider obviously left his manners at home, cutting off a motorist in the 15000 block of 148th Avenue NE, then stopping his bike in the middle of the road.  
Things went downhill from there, as our hog rider approached the victim’s car and proceeded to smash the driver’s side mirror while screaming profanities at her.
 I wonder what his mother would have to say about this egregious lapse of civility.

It’s bad enough having a suspended license.  
Strike two is adding an outstanding warrant on top of that.  Not satisfied with this double play, a driver near NE 145th and Woodinville-Redmond Road decided to go for a Grand Slam by hitting another vehicle and attempting to leave the scene as officers arrived.  
It will be a while before this guy gets to play in the old ball game again — he was booked into jail with charges pending.  Do not pass go; do not collect any peanuts or Cracker Jacks.