Police Beat - September 30, 2013

  • Written by Maggie Inahara, from City of Woodinville Police


A business in the 18000 block of Garden Way NE most definitely did not have the blues on the run when they discovered that 11 empty kegs had been stolen from the storage area behind the business. This writer remembers a similar incident just over a year ago where the victim pointed out in a letter to the editor that kegs cannot be sold for cash, since it’s illegal for metal recycling companies to buy them.  Would-be keg nabbers take note: Play the polka instead.


And here’s another installment from The World’s Dumbest Criminals: A thief in the 17800 block of 130th Avenue NE wasn’t exactly putting his/her best face forward while they were stealing the very camera that was filming the act. Officers were given the surveillance video, which must contain some pretty interesting close-ups.


Officers responded to a DUI in the 13900 block of NE 175th Street, where witnesses reported a subject had been driving on two blown out tires and was passed out behind the wheel of a car. Officers found the driver, and one more thing was blown (as in breathalyzer). He was arrested for DUI and later released pending charges. Since the vehicle was in no shape to travel, it was impounded.


A technology thief on a mission in the 13900 block of NE 178th Place smashed an iPad case with a hammer and grabbed 5 iPad minis. 

He then exited the store through the nearby fire escape door.  The suspect was picked up by two accomplices in a truck at the back of the store. Video surveillance of the incident was collected and the Woodinville detective is investigating.

Police Beat - Sept. 23, 2013

  • Written by from City of Woodinville Police Reports


Two intoxicated males entered a Woodinville retail facility in an attempt to maintain their buzz by securing more alcohol.

They were, however, turned away. Indifferent to the opprobrium with which they were met and determined to stay sozzled, the men took two cases of beer and left the store without paying.

On the DUI front, police were alerted when an apparently inebriated driver pulled into a convenience store parking lot with the intent to purchase additional alcohol. The man was his own worst enemy, though, losing consciousness before he could get out of his vehicle. He was arrested and transported to a sort of sober living facility, which most of us refer to by the name "county jail."


A Woodinville resident’s open garage was ransacked this week. The drive-by thieves absconded with a tote bag, shoes and a purple quilt. The latter item in its distinctiveness may be difficult to return to the stream of unlawful commerce, unless Marie Schrader is the prospective buyer.

Elsewhere, a man who kept his distinctive mountain bike on his back patio had the bike removed from the patio’s care under the theory that thieves were able to make off with it by simply reaching over the man’s fence.

Last but not least, a generator and garage door remote controls were removed from an unoccupied residence. The burglars left the garage door open in their wake and took the real estate key box for good measure.

Police Beat - Sept. 16, 2013

  • Written by by Maggie Inahara


Officers responded to a call where a dude was seen crawling through the bushes outside a business in the 17600 block of Garden Way NE.  He was contacted and appeared to be under the influence of at least one type of green, leafy vegetable matter.  Since there wasn’t a handy rope swing nearby, he was issued a trespass warning and pointed in the direction of civilization.


With record-breaking September temperatures, the temptation was apparently too great to refrain from that age-old experiment of finding out if it’s hot enough to fry an egg on a car.  With the analysis taking place in the 12400 block of NE 146th Place, the first attempt was not only not fried — it wasn’t even approaching over easy.  Attempts 2 through 6 garnered similarly negative results. These outcomes might prove frustrating for many budding scientists, but pale in comparison to the irritation felt by the owner of the vehicle, who had not offered up her car for experimentation of any kind in the first place.  Please save the eggs for your kitchen experiments, you Bill Nye wannabes.


An exercise enthusiast in the 18600 block of Woodinville-Snohomish Road NE ended his workout on a sour note when he found his lock cut from his locker and his gym bag and car keys missing. Tapping into those endorphin reserves, he ran outside to see a culprit attempting to get into his vehicle.  Although he yelled at the crook to stop, the suspect had other ideas and was last seen running away and getting into an older model silver BMW getaway car. A Woodinville detective is investigating.

Police Beat - Sept. 9, 2013

  • Written by Compiled by Woodinville Police Reports


Display cell phones remain ever vulnerable in Woodinville, but they are not without their defenses, as shown in one recent incident.

A man who stole just such a phone made only a partial getaway, leaving the back half of the phone still connected to the display, perhaps making this merely half a crime.

One hopes he has duct tape acuity to address the phone’s new defect.

Another individual departed a Woodinville grocery store with a cart filled by sundries and booze, yet somehow "fail[ed] to pay for them." This is a failure sure to haunt him all his days.

Before you shed tears for the criminal element, however, take heart in this anecdote: a hopeful car thief was thwarted by the victim’s anti-theft device. His will to steal undiminished, though, he managed to take the stereo, iPod and its charger. A partial success is still a success!


Things on the fraud beat were eventful this week, with a Woodinville victim’s discovery that her debit card had been used to purchase $3,000 in merchandise at a Home Depot in a nearby county.

Sadly, it would be foolish to assume that the wrongdoer surprised the victim with a new deck or even a modest bathroom renovation. (Ty Pennington is not a suspect.)

Elsewhere, an individual who purchased gas at a Woodinville location connected this purchase to several attempts to use her debit card at a number of other unauthorized locations.

Unlike the failers above, showered as they ought to be with gold stars, the debit card thief will be awarded only an "e" for effort.

Police Beat - Sept. 2, 2013

  • Written by by Maggie Inahara


Backpack? Check. Trail mix? Check. Dried fruit? Check. Sounds like a well-planned trip for some good ol’ fashioned backpacking out in the wilderness. The reality check was an un-planned and police-escorted  trip off the premises of a business in the 17600 block of Garden Way NE. Our hoodwinking hiker was caught packing up her camping supplies inside the business and starting the hike right then and there without the benefit of stopping at the cash register for the mandatory checkout or the trail reservation. If you wanna play, you gotta pay.


An aspiring pugilist spied a pair of boxing gloves in a truck in the 18800 block of 144th Avenue NE. You know the saying that locks only keep honest people out? This unlocked truck was no contest for keeping this contender away from his prize. Score this one a knockout.


Talk about getting beat at your own game: A victim reported her sunglasses and headphones stolen from her vehicle in the 18800 block of 144th Avenue NE. Sure enough, a quick check of Craigslist ads found the identical items advertised a couple of days later. Turning the tables on this Craigslist crook, she arranged a meet-up, feigning interest in purchasing the items. As soon as she had the items in hand, she informed the seller that she had no intention of paying for her own property.  Astonished at this revolting development, the 16-year-old male apologized and left. Police were unable to locate him.


A resident in the 19800 block of 156th Avenue NE found out the hard way that making entry into his home convenient for a contractor also made it commodious for a crook. Neither Ali Baba nor his 40 thieves needed a magical phrase to open the gateway to the house once they found the garage door opener which had been stashed for the contractor’s use. The treasures hauled away included electronics.