‘Every day is a dinner party’ at new collaborative restaurant-tasting-room space

  • Written by Kirsten Abel

Chef Breanna Beike wants to invite you to dinner. She’ll cook for you and serve you a perfectly paired glass of wine, and she won’t charge you too much either. All this, at her soon-to-open restaurant in Woodinville called Heritage Restaurant |Bar.

“Come as you are. Welcome to my home,” she said. “I’m the budget-friendly neighbor.”

Heritage Restaurant | Bar will open in mid- to late March in a collaborative 6,000 square-foot space (where Mazatlan used to be) that will also include two wine tasting rooms.

Breanna BeikeBreanna Beike, formerly the chef at the Seattle Yacht Club, is opening Heritage Restaurant | Bar in Woodinville this March (Photo courtesy of Heritage Restaurant | Bar)Beike’s longtime friend and colleague, Butch Milbrandt, will operate the tasting rooms. One will house his family brand, Milbrandt Vineyards. The other will be dedicated to Ryan Patrick Wines, a company now owned by Milbrandt.
The   restaurant   atmosphere will be welcoming and down to earth. Its menu will be “modern American.” “I am a very seasonally influenced person,” Beike said. “I don’t want to serve strawberry in January.” 

That means lots of produce-centric dishes and proteins that won’t break the bank. Basically, no $50 steaks, she said.

The main dining room seats about 68 and the full bar seats 10 with space for 10 more. The private dining area can hold up to 24. And most importantly once warmer weather returns, there’s a patio.

“I’d like to have a prominent happy hour program,” Beike said.

The tasting rooms will be separated by large barn doors that can open to combine the two spaces. 

“People can move between one area and the other and taste as many wines as they feel like,” Milbrandt said.

One side will mimic the ranch-style home of Milbrandt and his wife, Lisa. The other will be edgier, more industrial. The wines themselves are different too—in taste, structure, and locale. Patrons will be able to do horizontal tastings (different types of wine) and vertical tastings (different versions of the same type).

Because Beike and Milbrandt are friends, the three spaces will interact often. Eventually, Beike will even develop a small plate pairing menu to be served along with Milbrandt’s wines.
“I think we are going to play off each other well,” Milbrandt said.

Beike is originally from the Midwest. She attended culinary school in Chicago and landed her first chef job at age 23. She and her husband got married and moved to Woodinville in 2016. 
“Our whole goal was to be part of a community,” she said.

Milbrandt is a fourth generation farmer who started growing grapes in 1997. Milbrandt Vineyards officially started making wine in 2005.

One thing Milbrandt is especially passionate about is teaching people how to pair wines with food. You can have good food and good wine, he said, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they go together.
“If they do really pair, it changes the flavor profile in each one of them and elevates each one of them to another level,” he said.

He and Beike met in Chicago while Beike was the chef at the Columbia Yacht Club. 

“I love her food,” he said. “She’s just a ball of energy.”

Beike, like Milbrandt, is passionate about her craft. Giddy, even.

“I think there is something to be said that when you sit down to a meal that you’ve just cooked for people and you see that joy and that sparkle in their eyes and on their faces, that is the most wonderful, pleasing experience that I think anybody can feel,” she said.

Milbrandt’s tasting rooms are to open by March 1 with the restaurant and bar following later in the month.,,

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