Centennial on the Rise - Megan Rogers

  • Written by Kristen Hamilton

In recent months, Centennials (Generation Z) are speaking up and taking action across our nation. They are our future, but they are making a difference now.

Megan Rogers is an outstanding example of this group. She is making a big difference at Woodinville High School (WHS), and I imagine very soon in the world at large.

mEGANMegan Rogers (Photo by Kim Charie Photography)She also freely admits that she isn’t doing it alone. Megan said, “We have great administration, and the teachers here [at WHS] are remarkable.” She also praised her fellow students and spoke at length regarding how talented so many of them are.

As the ASB (Associated Student Body – the “student council” of WHS) President Megan has made it her mission to assure that all students feel a part of the high school experience.  One way she is doing that is by organizing assemblies that celebrate the arts as much as the traditional sports centric celebrations as often as possible. 

She commented on the number of students that have had tremendously successful high school careers in drama, art, and science and who are now navigating through college scholarship offers.  At the same time, these types of students often haven’t received much recognition in school.  Megan and the entire ASB are working hard to change that culture and to move towards equality.   As an example, Megan was an organizer of a “welcome parade” during a recent assembly, which was designed so that nearly every student that had a “success” this year was given a special entrance with spotlights and music and applauded by their peers.  “Our hope is to create an environment where people feel free to pursue their passions whether it be in arts, athletics, or academics.  We hope that we are creating moments that stay with students beyond graduation,” she said.

The list of accolades for Megan is lengthy, and I had a difficult time narrowing down the ones that display just how exceptional this young woman is.  She has held a 4.0 GPA throughout her four years of high school all the while being very involved in the very essence of high school experience---getting involved in many activities and experiences as well as reaching out to as many of her schoolmates as possible.
She takes her role as a leader very seriously and is not only involved in student government at WHS but has also represented the students on Northshore School District (NSD) Strategic Planning Core Team and currently NSD Student Board working with Superintendent Dr. Michelle Reid.

IMG 1473Megan and her dad (Courtesy photo)She lights up when she talks about her involvement in ASB.  “It has been a place to take an idea and make it a reality.  We are trying new things from massive all-school pancake breakfasts to the recent light saber battle (mentioned in the Woodinville Weekly story on Grace Hofrichter in our March 5th edition), and many more new events coming up and drawing people in,” she noted.  Megan explained that they are not only involving clubs and the arts but also trying to elevate them.  In this role, she has been able to get to know many people in school that she might not usually get to know, and that has been really great for her.

Beyond academia, Megan has worked in Mexico as an Environmental Education Intern, has participated in Relay for Life the past three years, and has enjoyed playing volleyball for the past five years. 

In thinking about her senior year, she commented that she is being purposeful with her time and making investments in her peers. 

What do we have to look forward to with the up and coming Centennials?  “Having a fresh set of eyes will be helpful along with our use and grasp of technology,” she said.  “Just believe that we are ready to work.”

What advice would you give to younger classmates?  Megan said, “Practice self advocacy.  If you want something don’t be afraid to ask. Celebrate the special things that set you apart from others.  You’ll use those qualities to help the world in ways only you can.  At the same time school becomes a lot more fun when you look for that uniqueness in your peers.”

I contacted Kurt Criscione, principal at WHS, about Megan and he reached out to a few teachers in the school and they provided me with some amazing quotes about this wonderful young lady.  Unfortunately I cannot print them all in this article but I did want to share the following: 

“I could talk for hours about Megan. She is very mature for her age; really cares about her peers and others; walks the walk, not just talks about it; wrote a thank you card for “great teaching”; is truly empathetic and feels others pain; and ALWAYS A POSITIVE INFLUENCE IN CLASS.” ~ Clark Cox, Social Studies Teacher WHS

Megan has lived in Woodinville her entire life and truly loves the community.  Her parents have been a great support for her through the years to her and her younger brother.

Next fall, Megan is leaning towards attending school at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana but is still waiting to hear back from the regular decision schools.  She is planning to study Project Management and Spanish.

I’m certain that whatever path she takes, she’ll do amazing things!

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