5 Marketing Tips for Selling Equestrian Properties

  • Written by By the Blue Team: Ashley Farrington & Michelle Blue, Windermere Woodinville
When you go to sell your home that has a unique selling feature – such as an equestrian property – make sure that your home is staged to sell this feature and the marketing information is designed to sell to the buyers that want this feature.
1. Marketing Literature & Feature Sheet – You are selling a lifestyle so make sure the verbiage online & your marketing brochure paints a picture of what a buyer’s life could be like if they buy your property.  Share the convenience of having your horses onsite instead of boarding, easy access to trails, the joy of drinking your morning coffee while watching your beloved animals out in the pasture, etc.  In addition, make sure you have a detailed marketing sheet that lists out all of the equestrian features and if possible the cost and/or value of those features. Help buyers compare the full value of what you have with another property they may be considering – especially those that say “equestrian potential”.  This will also help ensure that when you sell your home for maximum value it also appraises at that value.
2. Equestrian Curb Appeal & Feature Staging – Make sure all of the equestrian features you have are staged so prospective buyers appreciate their value in addition to your home & property. For example, white vinyl fencing should be pressure washed so it sparkles, your barn should be organized & free of cobwebs as well as your tack room and other outbuildings, and your pastures should be cleaned and in good condition.  Have laminated feature cards throughout your entire property providing the information when people are most curious. 
3. Photography – Aerial photography that shows your entire property is a must.  You aren’t just selling your house – show your home as it relates to your pastures, barns, riding arenas, and driveways for hauling and trailer parking.  It is also a nice touch to take pictures of the barn with your horses in them – or goats, chickens, alpacas, donkeys or whatever you have!
4. Home Book Marketing -  Home books are created by your Broker to answer questions for agents & buyers so they don’t leave your home unsure as to the details.  Generally, they include things like the public schools relevant to your home, information about restaurants & parks, preliminary title, seller disclosure form, septic as built, well information, etc.  An Equestrian Home should have an additional section with local trails, riding clubs, local veterinarians & farriers, area feed stores, etc. so that they know the service providers they will care about are convenient.
5. Equestrian Specialist - Many brokers can sell your home but make sure you work with an equestrian property specialist to sell your “whole” property.  They can speak the language and know what buyers care about, they can answer questions, and can provide you with service provider recommendations to help you prepare your whole property.

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