Adventura Awaits

  • Written by Kristen Hamilton
Think of the last time you were walking along the Sammamish Trail. Perhaps you looked over towards the old Red Hook Brewery location and saw people seemingly walking in the air.  Perhaps they were on a wood platform, or a ladder, or a row of tires, or even a tight rope. 
One way or another you wondered “what is that place?” with the thought of checking it out soon.
I’m here to report that the place is the Adventura Aerial Adventure Park, and they’ve been thrilling folks for 15 years in Woodinville. 
IMG 1320Photos by Kristen HamiltonRecently, Scott Chreist, CEO for Adventura, invited me out for a “Playday” to check it out for myself.  Admittedly, I hesitated and informed him that I was in my 50’s, and I wasn’t a ninja.  He assured me that “No ninja skills are required.”
“Ninja skills” may not be required, but you definitely want to be in relatively good shape and ready to relive some of the fun you had as a child on that jungle gym on the school playground. 
I was booked on the 9 a.m. start and was told to plan on two and a half hours for the playday.  There were 12 people in our group, and as I looked around I felt more at ease as there were definitely a
few others in their 50’s.  I chatted with a guy about my age, and he told me that he was there for his father’s day present with his teenage daughter. 
We started with staff introductions and a safety and equipment review.  The guides were very patient and thorough while helping us get set up with our gear.  Then we went to a practice area to learn the correct way to stay on the course … i.e. remain attached to it via your climbing equipment.
Next we set off for the course, which starts at the 50-foot cargo net wall that is the point of access for all of the above ground obstacles.  The course, as it was pointed out was a spoke and wheel design, so you are welcome to do as little or as much as you’d like within your comfort level.  A couple staff members helped us climb the rope one by one to reach the first platform.  The other staff positioned themselves at various points on the course to assist as needed. With the exception of the initial net wall, the entire course is 50 feet above the ground.
I chose to go last while I gathered my courage to get clipped into the elaborate harness system and climb up the net wall. When I reached the first platform, I happily hung out for a while deciding which direction to go on which obstacle.  My choices were a log bridge, swinging rope, or a flat “staircase” with a lot of air between each step. I was there with a few other gals that were also gathering their courage and after they both crossed the log bridge, I decided that should be my path as well.
My trailblazer gals next attempted the double ladder so again I chose to follow them. They were definitely feeding my sense of adventure and giving me a dose of courage.  
IMG 1318I must admit that the staff was amazing through all of this.  I never felt pressured to try anything outside my comfort level, and when I did venture on an obstacle, they were all very encouraging.
Overall, I had a great time and as I zipped down the final obstacle to the ground, I had a profound sense of accomplishment for overcoming a few fears.
“The playday is geared towards adults,” Chreist said.  It’s for people that want to do something really unique and different.   Children, of course, can participate but must be with an adult.  My thought was what a great bachelorette party this would make by adding a luncheon or wine tasting following the adventure.
Adventura also organizes team building corporate events that are custom designed with your goals and objectives in mind whether for recreation or development.
Check out all the options at

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