Think Twice to Prevent a DUI

  • Written by Kristen Hamilton
When Justin Thompson was just 16 years old, he was almost killed by a drunk driver.  That event triggered something in his psyche that became his passion, and ultimately, a business venture to promote preventative solutions for a problem faced by virtually every community in America—driving under the influence (DUI).
The business, named appropriately “Think Twice,” that Thompson co-founded with Forrest McKai.
Think Twice Woodinville Pic 1Forrest McKai and Justin Thompson, Co-founders of Think Twice (Courtesy photo)Thompson met with me recently to speak about Think Twice and its’ mission to lessen the damage caused by drunk driving.  He explained that every 51 minutes someone is killed in a DUI related accident in the United States. Think Twice was created to provide customers with an easy way to monitor their risk of a DUI charge, avoid a trip to jail, and most importantly, to perhaps save a life. 
“It is a practical, easy, discreet and affordable way to prevent the needless loss of life caused by drunk driving,” said Thompson.
Their primary product at this time is a medical grade single-use breathalyzer simply labeled “Think Twice.”  It only takes two minutes to take the test, see whether you are below or above the 0.08% BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) legal limit, and make an informed decision regarding getting behind the wheel.  Each individual unit is hermetically sealed and should not be exposed to extreme temperatures.  The test also includes a discount promo code to use UBER instead of driving.
Thompson and McKai worked tirelessly for the past two years developing Think Twice along with a full program to work with restaurants, bars and any other establishment or event that serves alcohol.  It isn’t just about the test.  Businesses are encouraged to sell the test (most often for less than what a typical drink might cost) or to simply offer it as an amenity to alcohol consuming customers.  Additionally they will work with the business on training, support materials for staff, and promotional materials that remind patrons to think twice.  These items include coasters, postcards, car fresheners, bottle opener key chains, table tents, pens, and “DUI’s SUCK” t-shirts.
Businesses are really embracing Think Twice especially considering that more than half the states in the U.S. have statutory provisions that allow restaurants, bars, and liquor stores to be held liable for serving alcohol to individuals who cause injuries or death as a result of their intoxication. Penalties for such cases can range into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and for this reason, liquor liability insurance coverage is required. Rates are determined, in part, by the number of DUI charges attributed to a business, which is then reported to the Liquor Control Board.
Think Twice offers a certification process for alcohol serving establishments to present to their insurance agent to qualify for discounts on their insurance policy. Insurance companies are supporting the Think Twice risk mitigation strategy, empowering their customers to take a proactive approach to helping people get home safe.
3d sBox V4 DarkThink Twice Individual UnitIn this region, there are many alcohol related special events including concerts, brewfests, wine walks, sporting events, and festivals that could benefit from having Think Twice DUI Testers available.  Personally, I even thought of having them available for family events and weddings. This would certainly be a wise move to protect your friends and family.
Think Twice products currently are sold in the western US including Alaska, Montana, Oregon, and Washington.  The company as a whole is growing exponentially with plans to be throughout the U.S. and Canada before long saving lives.
I checked out the reviews for Think Twice on their Facebook page and out of 101 reviews all received five stars (out of five) rating!  Here’s one review that I felt said it best…
We have all gone out to a game or to the bar and had a little too much to drink, and we all have questionable judgment when under the influence. Think Twice a brilliant solution to an all to common problem. You can make a conscious decision to keep yourself and others out of danger by staying off the road if you’ve had too much to drink. So happy to see this product spreading like wild fire throughout our communities! Party on people!!
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